Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

3 out of 5 Stars
"A Quick Bite" was a wonderful, light, one-time read. Although it isn't one of my favorites, I am going to keep reading the series just to keep up with the fun characters. (If I didn't continue, it would be like stopping midway through a great chick flick!)

This is not your typical vampire story. (Ah, isn't that refreshing?) This novel circulates around a family of vampires that are ridiculously kind and they're just like a typical (human) family. These vampires are alive, not undead. Strange, right?
Like I said, not your typical vampire story.

Lissianna, our main vampire lady, arrived at home only to realize a sexy man is tied to her bed. Hmm...? Turns out her mommy dearest had him there as a birthday surprise! (For blood, not sex, perverts!) She is just going to take a quick bite, thinking no one would realize she had ruined her own surprise... after all, he isn't going to remember.

Uh oh, she thought wrong. He IS a birthday present but he wasn't for dinner. He's a doctor and he's been kidnapped to help Lissi get over her ridiculous fear of blood. (Yes, she is a vampire who faints at the sight of blood!)
Lissi has to feed the old way- "off the hoof." All of her family gets to feed from bags of donated blood like good little vampires do!

This book was very predictable when it came to the "who did it??" aspect. There were a lot of plot twists and humor that kept me interested. The unique origin of vampires in this book also kept me reading. It is always good to get a new twist on an old (and awesome) genre.

Other books in the Argeneau Vampires series in the order they should be read:
  1. A Quick Bite
  2. Love Bites
  3. Single White Vampire
  4. Tall, Dark & Hungry
  5. A Bite To Remember
  6. Bite Me If You Can
  7. The Accidental Vampire
  8. Vampires Are Forever
  9. Vampire, Interrupted
  10. The Rogue Hunter
  11. The Immortal Hunter
  12. The Renegade Hunter

Product Details

  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Avon, October 25, 2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0060773758
  • ISBN-13: 978-0060773755

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