Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

 1.5 out of 5 Robots

My Review:  

The Angel Experiment by James Patterson was the soulless first installment of the Maximum Ride series. First of all, why did everyone recommend this book to me just because I love Harry Potter and Bartimaeus and The Hunger Games? (Wait, did I just answer my own question?! Haha!) I love fantasy/sci-fi YA... but boy did I struggle through this book. When I put the book down, I wasn't even wondering what was going to happen to the characters next. When that book was down I was thinking 'ugh, I have to pick that back up? I haven't finished that yet?' Sorry for the crummy review- I think I'm feeling guilty. Now, don't get me wrong- I think the story was awesome. It could have been an enthralling, intense read if there would have been more depth to the characters/plot but there just wasn't. I just kept waiting to find something out that excited me or made me want to keep reading. It never happened. I felt like the entire book was filler.

Alright, do you want the plot? I can't hear your response so you're gettin' it! "The Angel Experiment" is the story of six children who happen to be 98% human and 2% bird. Yes, they are the product of a genetic experiment. Through the entirety of the book the six children (Max, Iggy, Nudge, Fang, Angel and Gasman) are being chased by Erasers. The Erasers are another genetic experiment with a much shorter lifespan than our bird-children.  The Erasers are trying to recapture the children to bring them back to the lab whilst our six adventurers are trying to sort out their pasts and figure out who they are.

This whole book really could have been done in like.... 200 pages instead of 400+ I was feeling like Patterson was trying TOO hard to relate to his YA audience. Anyone ever had a parent, teacher, old man try to talk two generations younger than their own? It just doesn't work for me. Just- stop that!

I apologize now for everyone who loved this book and suggested I read it. I always feel guilty for shitting on books my friends recommend. Haha. (Sorry!) I may try to read the second book, just because I think everyone deserves a second chance. ...It will be awhile before I do so, as I will have to forget the hours of boredom I spent with this book. Don't read this unless you're a big James Patterson fan. 

Book Details:
Published: 2001 by Warner
Mass Market Paperback: 464 Pages
ISBN10: 0446617792
ISBN13: 9780446617796

Other Books in this series in the order they should be read: 
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  • School's Out - Forever
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  • The Final Warning
  • MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel
  • Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel (March 2010)


  1. Dude! You nailed it, but in a much nicer way! If anyone and I mean anyone wants to give you crap about then too damn! Bad! I really enjoy these reviews, too bad it didn't come out before I read the book! HAHA Sidenote! ((Listen to Jules she knows her stuff)) Not just saying that because she's my girl, I am sure there will be a book we don't agree on but for now she is on the right track! And remember she's not saying don't read the book, she's just giving you her own personal feelings into what she read! Its all subjective really. So you can take it over leave. Okay I'm babling now. I wil stop. End. Quote.

  2. awesome review Rex :0) I had never heard of this series and now I wish i hadnt heard about it lol... I love your honesty :)

  3. Good to know! I downloaded this since it was on amazon free for the kindle but it sounds like something I wouldn't enjoy! Thanks for the review! :)

  4. *Tigris*
    LOL, when are we going to disagree on a book?! I wish I would have read some shitty reviews before I read this book so I wouldn't have wasted my time too. My fault for not searching around, haha. LOVE your comments, toots!!

    I'm glad I've made you not want to read it. Haha =oP

    *Kindle Vixen*
    It was free on amazon?? I wish I would have seen that so I wouldn't have wasted money on it! Pft!! =)

  5. Note to self avoid this book. Thanks for the Review of the book. Remind me later to pick The Hunger Games and High five to the Bartimaeus trilogy.

  6. Haha, yes, Chris, PICK UP THE HUNGER GAMES!

  7. Hahaha, oh that's so funny, when you called this book Soulless. I have to agree that I had such a hard time relating to the characters, and yeah parts of it just got old, it seemed to me like I kept reading the same recycled scene over and over in regards to the erasers.

    Also, letting you know I linked your review in my review of this book!

    (I'm thinking I despretely need to read Bartimaeus trilogy soon!)

  8. LOL. April, I'm glad you enjoyed my review. I was so nervous about posting this because it was my first 'I hate this book' review for my blog.

    Thanks for linking the review! I can't wait to go read yours. And, I hope you love the Bartimaeus Trilogy like I did. I think it is hit or miss for some people... just make sure you read the footnotes, they make the book! (Most of the people who didn't like those books hadn't read the footnotes while reading.)

    Thank you for stopping by =)



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