Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rex to my Robot.

I would like to formally introduce you to the real Rex. I'm just his puppet, ah, robot, I mean. He saved me on June 18, 2008! 

There he is! My gorgeous little Shepherd mix. I know this isn't a book review, and no one probably cares... but I'm going for it anyway! Rex is named after a character in the Metal Gear Solid video game series. (Me and my man are big into video games- Rex was not my first choice though. Boo, my honey won that battle.) Now, how did Rex come to join our little family...?

We found Rex trapped inside a box in the woods off the road we live on. Someone dropped this precious four month old puppy off inside a box! He was house trained and knew some basic commands when we found him. I'm guessing someone didn't realize that puppies need walked and loved... or maybe couldn't afford him anymore. Sooooo, why do I love this story?

The day before Rex was found, I was going to adopt a dog from the Humane Society. Something happened and we were (literally!) five minutes too late getting to the Humane Society to sign the papers and get the rottweiler. It figures that the day I go to adopt a dog, they close up 10 minutes early. They wouldn't let us in. I was completely devastated. (We were out of town adopting this dog and had to leave later that night to drive home- so we couldn't go back the next day to pick her up either.)

Well, at 7am the following morning my mom was driving down our road- and saw two eyes peering through some holes in a box off the side of the road, tucked into the woods. She had just had knee surgery, and could barely walk, but something told her to pull over and check out the box. She walked to the box and opened it- Rex popped out malnourished and full of ticks and fleas. (We were picking ticks off him for a week... ugh, no amount of shampoo took those things off.)

So, I think everything happens for a reason. I didn't get to that humane society because God had already planned on dropping a little present off to us the next morning! Heheh... Rex and his beautiful personality fit perfectly with my family. He sleeps all night, he hates getting up early, he comforts me when I'm sad (I think he knows before I do, sometimes)... ah- he doesn't go in the house ;o] What more could I ask for? Hehe. I love you, Rexy <3<3


  1. Hey is cute and I love Metal Gear!
    Do not destroy this blog!

  2. Suppose to be he is cute not hey cute! Can you tell I've been at it all day!

  3. Thank you for sharing that. He's your Destiny Dog! I had a Destiny Dog once too - she came to me and adopted me because we both needed each other and it was...destiny!



  4. Awww, Ms. Moonlight!! You're right, he is my Destiny Dog =) Haha, Dog of Destiny. LOL. You're so sweet, I always love your comments!

  5. What an awesome story! I love that you and your Rex found each other that way! Destiny dog indeed! I have a destiny cat, I will have to share that story on my blog sometime soon :) I love it when people share something personal with their followers :D

  6. =) I'm glad you liked it!! Thanks for commenting. I love cats too. Isn't it wonderful having "destiny" animals... hehe

  7. Yes, It sounds like fate brought you together. He's so cute and that was an amazing story. Thanks for sharing.



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