Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taylor Tuesday?!

Let us celebrate this man. Ah, what a testicular... testiculastic? Man-abulous? Mantastic?! Tuesday.

This lovely man- Taylor Kitsch, at our left is a model/actor. (A very good one, if I may add!) Here is a tidbit from his *resume.*

-Friday Night Lights
-X-Men Origins: Wolverine
-Snakes on a Plane 

He is (and will be) in some other stuff too, no worries- Just had to throw a little bit out there ;]

Taylor Kitsch is a favorite of mine, mmmhmmm- I can thank @bellie7 for sending me my daily dose (fix?) of Taylor Kitsch pictures. She is awesome. Follow her!! (@bellie7)

And one for the road:



  1. Julie, I totally loved him as Gambit too. Can't wait to see if they really go through with making him his own movie.

    ...Nom nom is RIGHT! haha

  2. OhMahGawd girl....how about putting a warning label on this blog. *Swoons*

  3. ugh OMG he is so hot is unbearable...
    his lips are AMAZING.
    :( seriously

  4. Surge, you are quite right. Haha, I'm glad all you ladies enjoyed this post. There will be more next Taylor Tuesday ;]



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