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Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

5 out of 5 Robots!

My Review:
Brace yourself for a little bit of some wonderfully disgusting giggling and gushing over the radiance that is Jeaniene Frost's writing. "Destined for an Early Grave" was blissful, dark and cunning. It is safe to say that I LOVE THIS BOOK. I will let no one borrow it (it is a keeper!), but I will be purchasing it for Christmas gifts!

My expectations of this book were ridiculously high because Cat & Bones is my #1 power couple and I am in love (lust?) with the previous three books... This is one of my favorite paranormal romance series. I wasn't worried though, Jeaniene Frost always comes through! I swear she pulls off some of the most entertaining dialogue ever, while keeping the relationship between Cat & Bones extremely realistic. Cat & Bones jump to conclusions, have trouble with communication- all the norms of an every day relationship.

This book literally had me wanting to cry, punch the wall, laugh... woo. The emotions! Not a bad thing, I love being that into a book- hopefully you do too ;] Alright- alright, on with the plot already. 

The book starts off with Cat and *Bones* on a much needed vacation to Paris. But what made Cat choose Paris? Something sinister awaits... As they're just getting relaxed a vicious vamp named Gregor tries to stake claim on Cat by snatching her while she dreams. (Gregor's power involves invading dreams and transporting people while touching them as they dream. Creepy. So creepy.) Gregor isn't just trying to kidnap Cat- he is trying to prove Cat is his wife. Uh oh- this means Bones never had any right to marry her and he could be in the wrong. Will they fight to the death? Did Cat marry Gregor when she was merely 16? 

Gregor is determined to prove Cat belongs to him and will do anything to win her back. How many lives will be lost due to his ruthless perseverance? Can Cat and Bones over come their issues with jealousy, trust and communication to win the battle against Gregor? Pft. I don't know, this is a close call. Seriously, I was pretty damn irritated with the decisions that Cat (and or) Bones made occasionally. I would find myself saying out loud, "What are you thinking?!" "Listen to her!" "JUST DO IT ALREADY!" Hehe. Really though, I think Cat & Bones demonstrate just how important communication within a relationship is in this novel ;o]

The supporting characters really played brilliance in this installment. We are introduced to a ghost- Fabian. I love him. I hope we find more out about Fabian later. Well, really, I want to find more out about everyone. Justina. Spade. Vlad. Especially Vlad! I hope he gets a spin off. He really showed some *fun* colors here. Oh, Ms. Frost, please tell me more! 

The only thing that made me grieve a little bit was that there are only two Cat & Bones sex scenes. We need more Cat & Bones sex scenes. Lots more. More books too. Who wants to make a book that is compiled of ONLY Cat & Bones sex scenes? I'd buy it. I WOULD buy it. Is that sad? Ok, moving on. It is incredible how intense this book is- you can cut the tension between characters with a knife. But what makes this book so fantastic is that through all this bullshit, Cat & Bones have a delicious devotion to each other. 

I highly recommend this book to any paranormal, paranormal romance and urban fantasy lover. Jeaniene Frost must know where she is taking us with this series because this is another FIVE ROBOTS book that kept me hooked even when the future looked bleak for our beloved power couple.  

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Book Details:
Published: Avon~ July 28, 2009
Paperback: 355 Pages
ISBN10: 0061583219

Other books in this series in the order that they should be read:

1. Halfway to the Grave
2. One Foot in the Grave
3. At Grave's End 
4. Destined for an Early Grave


  1. So I keep hearing about Bones.....Now I am going to have to put this on my TBR pile**DUCKS** I know I haven't read it yet but seriously Dude that are millions of great PR books out there and this is one of my ways to find them so I am going to put on my Xmas List.

  2. The only thing that nagged me just a tiny bit in this book was the ability of Cat and Bones to fully trust each other. I hope after that one chp - the one where you want to cry - things will progress forward from this point.

    Absolutely one of my favorite series!

    Nice review:)

  3. I have an award for you over on my blog: :)

    BTW....I love the lil robots rating system you have.

  4. I'm all for chapter 32 1/2, 1/4 1/8, 3/4 :P

  5. I'm on book 2...I'm still recovering from Chap 32. I hear book 3 and 4 are sad and I don't want to ruin my Bones and Cat HEA yet.

  6. Awesome review darling =))))

    I just freaking adore this series and Cat&Bones =))))

    LOve you!

  7. Tigris- You have to read these books! They're amazeballs!

    Mandi- It totally caught me off guard that they didn't trust each other too. I just didn't get it. Haha, I mean, I understood why Bones wouldn't trust Cat... but I don't know how Bones HASNT earned Cat's trust? LOL. Am I thinking too much about this?!

    Mandy- Thanks for the award, you're awesome =)

    KB- Hahah!! ME too!

    SmokinHotBooks- They are sad, but they're happy too =) I can't wait to read your reviews on all the books! Heheh

    Larissa- I love the shit out of you, woman!

  8. I am reading this book right now! I loved the previous i wasn't surprised by your 5 robot rating :)

  9. Brilliant review Rex! I absolutely LOVE this series, one of my all time favs! I think you'll be converting many a women to the ways of the Bones.

  10. LOVE these books! Can't you just feel the raw emotion oozing from between the pages? I've read them all . . . *hordes them from prying eyes.* and are stacked safely away from sibling hands.

    Loved the review!

  11. Great review and I'm a fan of the series too. I think this one was my favorite. I've never really been a fan of Cat (but of course i've love Bones since the moment we meet him) but after reading this book she finally won me over. I'm actually giving this book away on my blog after my current conest ends friday but sshhhhh don't tell anyone i'm not suppose to say anything yet :-)

  12. Stacy- I bet you're enjoying it, aren't you!? =)

    REEDFREEK- I'm hoping to convert LOTS of women to Bones<3 Hehehe

    INCiDENT- Gosh, you're right- the emotion IS raw! I love it.

    Paranormal Haven- I think this is one of my favorites too only because Cat won me over a little more here too. Although *one* thing she did (leaving the closet) really annoyed me. Haha.

  13. i am to read book 2 next week, I promise you.
    Hey is the blinky robots news, they are super cute. if they have cheeks I would have pinch them already.



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