Friday, January 8, 2010

The Cleavage Caddy

A friend of mine, Justin "Peanut Turd", found The Cleavage Caddy using
He is obviously a pervert.
Anyway. This awesome boob-purse came up. I thought this was absolutely hilarious. They "retail" for $30!!

Now, the whole point of this post- other than the hilarious product- is that he is super excited to get a shout out on! (It is a great website that we frequent on a daily basis.) Yep, the first thing he thought to do when seeing The Cleavage Caddy was that he could send it to Geekologie and get a shout out. I have to say, what they said about Justin was pretty funny. Congrats, Justin =)

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  1. But then you have lumpy cleavage!

    This was created by a man...


  2. HAHA, Mandi!! That is EXACTLY what I said when my man and Justin showed it to me!

  3. My breasts are too big for this. My money would be spilling out of the front of my shirt.

  4. LOL, Bells I know- it is such a bad idea! Who wants lumpy tits?

  5. *dies* LOLOLOL. Some part of me is a little horrified, but most of me is just dying of amusement and LULZ.

    Came from Sat Network. I'd post the code, but I can't get it to work......

  6. Ah Yuan, glad you got a good laugh =) haha

  7. The Saturday Network

    Thanks for participating! And, lol, that must be uncomfortable...

  8. lol i read about this on the geeks website and i think its hilarious and even better that its your friend they are talking about... peanut turd is the stranges nickname ever!! lol

  9. Whatever happened to just putting stuff in your bra? I'm so old-fashioned.



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