Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Personal: The Snowpocolypse -2010.

The Snowpocolypse 
So, this year the East Coast was lucky enough to encounter The Snowpocolypse. What is this, you ask? This is the biggest freaking snow storm we have had since 1996! This was actually two glorious snow storms. The first one unloaded about three feet of snow between Friday, February 5th and Saturday, February 6th. Then, like magic, the snow started kissing the earth again around 11AM on Tuesday, February 9th and finished with another 20 inches on the 10th. That is right, I called it GLORIOUS and even went as far as saying it KISSED the earth. Mostly just to drive a certain miss Belinda insane because she didn't have quite as much fun as I did ;]

So, all the pictures and videos I'm posting are of family and myself. See that picture up above? I'm stupidly jumping off the railing of my deck. My man says, 'Babe, make sure you land on your butt.' Well, duh, I say. Not 30 seconds later, I put my feet down to land. Oh, instinct, you FAIL me yet again. Whoops; I thought for about 2 minutes that I broke an ankle. Haha, I didn't, it didn't hurt after those 2 minutes were up. 

 I also wanted to share how lucky I am that it snowed in our area. Because if it never snowed, I would have NEVER met Spiderman. That's right, folks, I got to witness Spiderman shovel a porch. This is not something that happens everyday. No pictures were allowed so I had to sneak a tiny one. Apparently the snow had brought down the crime rate for those evenings- all the criminals being stuck indoors and all... Spiderman got bored.

Spiderman is not the only one who was bored while being stuck at home. Today we played outside in the snow for over 2 hours. I don't think I've played in the snow that long in foooorrrrrever. I know you're dying to check out some of the silliness. I even have videos of my baby (REX!) catching snowballs in his mouth. If you check out my YouTube page, you will find that my dog is obsessed with snowballs.

Now, no hate comments. My baby has to be tied up to a chain because if he isn't, he chases after cars... and you try holding him on a normal leash when he's chasing snowballs. Sorry, I got my fingers all mixed up in the Evidence:
And because Rex wasn't the only one having fun...

 And now... A few pictures of Snowpocolypse for the road...

Some of us hated the snow, *cough* Belinda *cough*, some of us loved it (ME!)... But I hope that whatever the circumstance that everyone stayed safe and enjoyed what they could of being stuck in the house... even if they ran out of diapers, power and/or food. ;] 

NOW.... Want to hear the other side of the story? Head on over to...


  1. *claps hands* Very well done Julia! As much as I love you we will never agree on the snow issue. But your pics and videos are wonderful. I think that if I was young like you are I would enjoy the snow more. Scratch that! I haven't enjoyed the snow since I was a kid. Anyhoo thanks for the shoutout. This was fun. :)

  2. LOL That was awesome Jules!

    I have never seen snow, I dont think that much cold would do me any good, but I plan to see it some day hehe =)

  3. Bells! This was fun! We should do more Verses blog posts. Haha.

    Larissa, you need to get your ass to some snow! It is fun! Snowball fights are the best... so long as you have quick reflexes. Haha

  4. Ah, great photos... And Rex is so cute! I have to say that I am sad we didn't get much snow so far this winter. Enjoy for me!

  5. Oh, Twimom, hehe. I bet Bells will give you some of our snow! (I want to keep all mine ;] )

  6. Twimom I would love to give you all our snow. lol

  7. LOL What great snow videos!!

    My dog likes snowballs too.



  8. Bells, you are not allowed to give our snow away!!

    MsM... I'm glad my dog isn't the only one ;]

  9. wooow! looks beautiful T_T have never seen snow, you're lucky girl and your dog is great! love the video!

  10. wow I love snow... but i didnt know it. someday i will!

    PD. im in the giveaway!

  11. That is so adorable! I love the snow, but we got a lot this year too and I am about sick of it. Bring on the spring and the sunshine! :D



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