Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Interview with Author Larion Wills

Hi, Larion!!
Welcome to Rex Robot Reviews- excited to have you here today! I would like to thank you for taking the time to join us for the interview. 

1. For readers that have not yet read any of your books, which would you suggest they read first?
I'd ask them first what they like. If they like a specific genre, then I'd have to ask at what heat level. I write from zero heat through soft and sweet to hot and spicy, from historical into the future. For an all round just interesting read- Looking Glass Portal. Unless they just can't stand science fiction. For a middle of the line with soft romance, mystery and suspense I'd say Mourning Meadow.

2. Larion, which character did you enjoy writing the most and why?
In A Gallows Waited, Elizabeth. She's a gal; I'm a gal, that makes it easy. Although she was oppressed and had learned to accept and live with it, she had never quite given up herself, hanging on to a small spark of defiance. Once the opportunity arose, it didn't take much to bring it out, either. 
3. What did you enjoy most about writing A Gallows Waited?
Writing it, watching the characters and the story become something solid on paper from the baby to cantankerous Gus. Come to think about it, they were fun to write, too. A Gallows Waited is the 4th of a historical western collection and will not be the last.
4. What do you do when you aren't writing?
Surprise, I read. I also catch up on all the things I let slide while I was writing. I enjoy what we in the family call junking-- hitting yard sales. I have, however, schooled myself in not buying it just because it's a good buy. I make myself have a use for it. Buy that and I'll sell you another couple of books. Click Me!

5. Could you tell us a little bit about your writing process?
I'm an obsessive. Once a story gets going for me, housework, grocery shopping, running errands--anything--all pile up until I come up for air. I ought to lose weight while I'm doing it, because I forget to eat once I sit down with a pen and paper. I hand write the first draft. Words flow easier for me one handed for some reason. I might do a second draft by hand, but then it goes into the computer. Not my favorite part of it, but I have to do it. No one else can read my writing. Many times I'll put it away then let some distance grow between me and the words. So when I go back, it's easier for me to see what needs edited and polished, the difference between what I'm seeing in my head and what's on the paper.

6. So, what comes after A Gallows Waited? Excited about any other releases or works in progress?
They're exciting for me, and two of my favorites. I have two releases coming soon, one, an Electrifying Witch, through Swimming Kangaroo Books, and one, a Good Idea to Tick Off, with XOXO Publishing. I'll post when those are available on my site at  Everyone can drop by there to see what I have, read some excerpts, join in a contest and ask for an autographed book plate for one in print that they have. Can just say hi, too! 

7. If one of your books could be a movie, which would you choose?
Looking Glass Portal, I see the actors I'd like to play the different parts, how the aliens look, the planets they visit, etc. I even made a couple of the creatures out of plush toys. But then you have to understand, Portal was my second book published so I've had more time to daydream about seeing it on film. I really think it's something everyone can enjoy.

8. What do you think about the Kindle and other e-readers and the effect they have on the book community?
Ebooks are great for readers who have to live on a tight budget. Inexpensive, easy to get, read them right on their computers.  Can be uncomfortable though. With Kindle and the other palm readers, you start taking it out of less expensive and go more into fad. Face it, we're an electronic based society. I have a cell phone I carry with me just like nearly everyone. I also carry a book wherever I go, but then I carry a pretty big purse. I've also heard, but haven't verified personally, that Ebook prices are going to go up in the large distributors. If so, I think that is unfair of the industry. In a cost comparative, the preparation is basically the same in things like editing fees and art work, but production? They should pass that savings on to the readers, use what's avaliable to encourage more reading, less TV and less video games. When I first started publishing, I was dumbfounded by the teenage nieces, nephews, kids and even adults who had never read an entire book. I don't want to get off on a tangent here on the sadness of that, but if a palm reader will get just one kid to read one book, I'm all for it. I just hate to see sacrificed what could encourage more reading by making it more affordable for the sake of making a larger profit.

Thank you, Larion, for taking the time to stop here and answer some questions! It's been fun! 

Readers, check out all of Larion's books below! 
And be sure to leave her a comment with any questions or thoughts ;]



  1. Great interview. I love the questions you asked. Especially about the ereaders since those have become such a hit with us book addicts.

  2. Thanks for checking out the interview, Bells! Always lovely to see a comment from you first thing in the morning :)

  3. thanks from me too, Bells, and to you Rex Robot for having me.

  4. Thanks again for being here, Larion! Loved all your answers- especially the last one :)



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