Friday, July 2, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Well! The contests for My Blood Approves, Knight of Passion & $60 to have been closed! Thank you to everyone who helped promote! I really appreciate everyone's support- and THANK YOU to all those who took the time to participate.

A special thanks to Amanda Hocking, Forever Publishing and for providing the prizes!

With that, lets announce the winners-
Winners have been e-mailed! Please respond within 48 hours!

My Blood Approves Winner:  
Entry #46 Cathie
$60 to Winner:
Entry #74 mbreakfield 

Knight of Passion Winners:
Entry #6 Cheryl F.
Entry #32 Carole Spring
Entry #19 Robin K.

All five prizes will be shipped directly from the author, store or publisher.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out and participated! <3 
If you weren't a winner, I hope you will still check out My Blood Approves, and Knight of Passion!



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