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Guest Post & Sneak Peak: Anya Bast!!

Anya Bast
Guest Post:
In CRUEL ENCHANTMENT, my upcoming September 7th release, the hero, Aeric, has an intense passion for the heroine, Emmaline. At first his passion is distinctively negative and with good reason. Over three hundred years ago, back when the fae were free in the world, Emmaline killed the woman he wanted to marry. When Emmaline re-enters Aeric’s life, he captures her, convinced he wants to take revenge on her for this. Yet something stops him. Emmaline isn’t the cold-hearted woman he has presumed she would be and even though she admits to the killing, he senses there’s more to the story than she’s telling him. Could it be that all these years he’s never known the full truth about his fiancĂ©e’s death? To top it off, he’s attracted to Emmaline. There’s something about her that fascinates and draws him to her. 

Aeric’s already passionate nature is soon inflamed by Emmaline’s presence and his negative feelings toward her become fiery and near uncontrollable. Emmaline also has trouble resisting Aeric. After all, he’s the man she’s loved for centuries. Try as she might to hold herself away from him, she just can’t do it. 

I love it when my characters have this emotional, dramatic energy in their relationship. It doesn’t always work this way with the characters I create. Oddly, bringing fictional characters together is a lot like observing a true life couple. Sometimes they have chemistry, sometimes not. Aeric and Emmaline have chemistry in spades, explosive chemistry. I really enjoyed spinning their tale and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Here’s a small taste of that chemistry I was talking about between Emmaline and Aeric. Reply to this post and tell me something you’re passionate about in life and you’ll be entered for a chance to win an autographed copy of WICKED ENCHANTMENT, the first book in the Dark Magick series.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the excerpt!

He moved closer and her whole body stiffened. “So we’ve established that you killed Aileen and you’re lying about the circumstances to save your pretty ass. We’ve also established that I’m  unable to kill you. The only question that remains is how I should make you pay.”
His gaze raked her up and down and his body reacted. His too big clothing hid her curves, but he’d had enough of a tantalizing glimpse of them during her shower to let his imagination run wild. The very last thing he should be doing right now was remember the way her body looked behind that frosted glass. It was almost worse than having her naked. The image behind the shower door  hinted at lush breasts—an overflowing handful—a narrow waist that flared into a generous, curvy bottom, and shapely legs. He wanted to find out for sure, using his hands and maybe his tongue, too.
He’d brutally suppressed the urge before, tamping down the attraction he felt for her because it wasn’t right. Now, in the violent wake of what Emmaline had told him and his subsequent confusion over whether or not it was true—all that want came rushing back at him. It didn’t  matter that it was horribly misplaced. And damned if he could remember why he shouldn’t give in to it.

* * * * *

He was looking at her without anger in his eyes for once.
Okay, maybe there was a little anger in his eyes, but she had the feeling that the anger—for whatever mystical and unbelievable reason—wasn’t directed at her, but at himself. And anger wasn’t the only thing in his expression right now; there was hunger, too. 
And that was all for her.
Her heart thudded so fast and so hard she thought it might break her ribs. What the hell? His behavior had changed so quickly she practically had whiplash.
“Aeric?” she whispered. She wasn’t even aware his name had slipped past her lips until it was out there. She didn’t know what to do with this sudden turn of events . . . although her body sure seemed to know. Her mind was awhirl with confusion, but the rest of her was quite aware that the man she’d wanted and fantasized about for so long was inches away from her . . . and seemed to actually want her back.
“Fuck,” he growled, bracing his hand on the wall right near her ear and moving closer to her. “This is not a good thing.”
“No.” She licked her lips—a nervous habit she’d had since she was a kid, no matter what guise she used. “This is not a good thing for either of us.”
His mouth almost brushed hers when he spoke. Her body flared to life, singing to almost painful arousal. Her nipples leapt to hard little points and she ached between her thighs. This man seemed to either terrify her, piss her off, or plunge her straight into animalistic heat.
His voice was a low growl, laced with anger. “I should chain you to my bed in charmed iron and take my revenge that way.”
She closed her eyes, her breath shuddering out of her. “I wouldn’t object.”
His eyes narrowed like a hunter’s sighting prey—and, boy, was she ever. Wounded, limping prey at that. She had no chance. “Don’t you have any shame?” he asked in a low, harsh voice.
“Not where you’re concerned. I never have.”
He eased her against him and dropped his mouth to her throat. Goose bumps erupted all over her skin. He nipped her flesh and then licked the small hurt. As though he wanted to punish her, but couldn’t make himself do it…..

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Thank you for joining us, Anya!!


  1. I love Anya Bast! I'm so glad she did a guest post.

  2. Hm..i'm passionate about staying smart and making good choices. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's the one thing i could lecture people on for hours. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I'm passionate about so many things- but I'll pick saving the wolves and my 10 month old baby! Probably not in that order.

  4. I am a follower and email subscriber. I am passionate about reading. I love reading book. I love spend hours doing that going into another world. Please enter me in contest.

  5. I'm passionate about education. So many problems can be fixed by simple education and conversation. Excerpt was fab! Thank you.

    jenma76 at hotmail dot com

  6. I'm passionate about reading, I'm always looking for new authors and series to read!

  7. I am passionate about my children and husband.

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  8. I'm passionate about music -- I can sit and play my piano for hours when I have the opportunity to :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  9. I'm passionate about reading good books. My pile is huge.

  10. I am passionate about my hubby and animals. I can not stand for someone to be cruel to animals. They have not done anything for people to be mean to them about.

  11. I'm passionate about reading good books and saving animals.

  12. i'm passionate about my friends & family, books, cooking, history, and my fiance! save the best for last...:)

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  13. I'm passionate about my art, music, my large and misunderstood dogs of a "certain" breed, my immediate family and even my extended family (even if it isn't reciprocated in parts of that family). I'm also passionate about kindness.

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  14. Absolutely adore Maya Banks. I'm passionate about life, plain and simple. Every morning when I wake up with a smile on my face and my husband beside me, is a reason to be passionate about life.

    J, when does this contest end? I want to add it to my contest list.

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  15. I am passionate about preventing cruelty to animals, and loving my pups and my family.


  16. *squee* I love this series. thanks for the guest post!!

  17. This book sounds so good thank you so much Im passionate about reading I love it more then I can say :)

  18. I'm passionate about completing my MA!

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  19. Hm.. I'm passionate about my family, my music, books, and... good food! Thanks for this fabulous guest post! :)
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  20. I enjoyed the guest post. I'm passionate about my children and grandchildren.

  21. The thing I'm pasionate about is books!!!

  22. I'm passionate about my relationship with the best man in the boyfriend.

  23. I'm passionate about providing my niece as much as I can. I want her to be happy, unlike how her father and I were unhappy, and care so much for her well-being. I've never been so dedicated to anything as passionately as I have with being the "best" aunt to my niece that I can be.

    I'm also very passionate about my career path, which has something to do with the medical field. I really want to help people -- to get better, to patch them up, etc.

    I feel like my goals are all falling into place now, and I have a lot of enthusiasm for these things.




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