Monday, September 20, 2010

Guest Post: Author Daisy Jordan

For a charm of powerful trouble… 

I just wrote my first mystery. It has an element of the supernatural and raises the question of whether people can exert power over others or make things happen on Earth from beyond the grave. It also deals with visions and witchcraft. I have no personal experience with any of these things, but they have always fascinated me. I think it would be thrilling in a totally terrifying way to have an eerily accurate vision, or to have some form of communication with a ghost or spirit. It’s also somewhat of a fantasy of mine to track down clues and solve a creepy, bone-chilling, age-old mystery. Of course that would probably be terrifying too, if it actually happened, but it’s definitely alluring.

In my novel, several of the characters have studied witchcraft. Stories exist of stunning and dangerous ways they have used their powers. Upon hearing these stories, some of the other characters debate the “realness” of witchcraft. One says maybe only people who believe in it are susceptible to it – maybe spells only work because the people on the receiving end believe in witchcraft too and in their own vulnerability to spells or powers of others. This question, of how “real” witchcraft is, is never explicitly answered in the book, because I don’t know the answer. The novel does imply its realness, because some instinct I have tells me witchcraft is real and can absolutely be used by those who know how. I mean, science says we use such a small portion of our brains that our true power is practically unimaginable. Maybe people who use witchcraft successfully are just more in tune with some deep part of their minds than the rest of us. That’s what I like to think, and I would love to be able to use my mind on that level.

What I want to know is, what do you guys think? I’d love to hear your own opinions or personal experiences, either with witchcraft, using that generally impenetrable portion of your mind, or with visions and/or spirits. I’m interested in all of it, and I hope hearing your stories will help make my book more accurate and interesting. This book won’t be published for a couple years yet, so please throw your thoughts my way!

About Daisy:
Daisy Jordan is an obsessive tennis fan and wrote Love Means Zero, in which Hilton gets a job as a photographer for a tennis magazine, so she could live out her dream-job fantasy through Hilton. But don’t worry If you’re not a tennis fan; Love Means Zero still has all the drama and suspense of Daisy’s previous books! Those books include Everything Happens for a Reason…, the Spin the Bottle series, and All That Sparkles Isn’t Real Sapphire. Her next book will be a follow-up to All That Sparkles Isn’t Real Sapphire. After that will be her first mystery, Mirrors and Blue Smoke, which was the most challenging, but definitely one of the most fun, books she has ever written! Daisy can be found online at:


  1. Don't laugh at me, but I SWEAR I've seen a ghost. Dead woman in a wedding dress behind my grandparent's house walking through the woods. I was in middle school... hehe

    I loved the post- thanks for stopping by, Daisy!

  2. Thanks for having me! I've never seen a ghost but have heard many stories...I think it would be creepy but cool!!

  3. I totally believe in the paranormal. Heck I am glued to Ghost Hunters every week :). I found your blog over at Book Blogs and just became your 795th follower, you will be at 800 in no time. Drop over and check out my blog at
    Have an awesome week!



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