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Guest Post by Author Karina Fabian

Welcome, Author and Guest Blogger, Karina Fabian! We're thrilled to have you at Rex Robot Reviews. Karina is the brilliant writer behind Why God Matters.  

What Karina has to say...
Tribute Books is looking for a Catholic writer. That's what the post said. I am a Catholic and a writer; even more, I am founder and former president of the Catholic Writers' Guild. I figured if I couldn't help, I could find someone that met Tribute's needs. Nicole at Tribute was looking for a short Catholic devotional to fill an unexpected hole in her publishing schedule. She knew exactly what she wanted, from content to format. She had the title: Why God Matters. She even had the cover art and a website ready! It was a fabulous opportunity and she was handing it to me on a silver platter.

Still, I balked. I was a Catholic and a writer, but a writer of science fiction and fantasy. My stuff was fantastical and usually funny and about as far from devotionals as one could get. I didn't have any theological background.  It was intimidating--but exciting, too. I really wanted this project. I knew how to craft stories, I told myself. I could apply my experience writing school planners and my natural tendency to give people advice to create simple lessons to go with each. I decided to take a chance and stretch myself as a writer.

Keeping things theologically sound was more challenging, but I had two great helps with that. First, I invited my father, Deacon Steve Lumbert, to co-write the book. He'd never written a book or short stories before--just homilies and police reports. Thus, I had to stretch again as an editor--an editor of her own father, no less! However, Dad is a quick learner and we had a lot of fun mining through his stories for the nuggets that would inspire. Dad then made sure the work was in keeping with the teaching of the Church and even suggested we add paragraphs from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which really enhanced the prose. Second, we put the book up for review with the Catholic Writers' Guild. Its Seal of Approval for Catholicity also makes a nice selling point with Catholic bookstores.

Finally, I had to stretch once more--emotionally. We began the book with my father's indifference to religion as a young man, and as I pondered the final chapter, I felt called to tell the story of my own son's indifference. I cried as I wrote that story, yet it has brought so many blessings. Only in writing this story did it hit home that I had the example of my father's conversion to give me hope. After the book came out, I was comforted by others who also have people they love who turned from the faith. Once, I had felt very alone in this; if I had not written the story, I would still feel alone.

Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life stretched me in my skills, my knowledge and my emotions. It also strengthened my faith. I thank God that I answered that post.

About Karina:
Karina Fabian is an award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy, with her anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God winning the 2007 EPPIE award for best science fiction and her novel, Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, the 2010 INDIE award for best fantasy. After Why God Matters, she wrote a humorous novel about a zombie exterminator. Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator, comes out March 2011 from Damnation Books. Yes, she appreciates the irony.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me as your guest today!

    If anyone wants to ask questions, they can post them in the comments and I'll come back later and answer them.

    Karina Fabian

  2. Karina - I always love reading your guest posts.

    Let me just say from my end that Karina is the definition of the word professional - a dream author that any publisher would love to work with. She's a talented writer. Someone who takes the craft seriously, and it shows. Yet although her writing is technically sound, it's also emotionally poignant and heartfelt. Truly, she encompasses the best of both worlds.

    Be sure to check out her books - you won't be disappointed!

    Best wishes,
    Tribute Books



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