Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wishist Wednesday [11]

During Wishlist Wednesdays I will be posting three books from my wishlist each week. If you're nosy like me, you're dying to see what everyone else is wishing for ;] Hey, we're just looking for new ideas... anyone else have a never ending Wish List?

Click on the cover image for more information!
  1. The Ring of Solomon, Bartimaeus #4 by Jonathan Stroud
  2. Warrior, Blades of the Rose by Zoe Archer
  3. Cross Your Heart by Michele Bardsley 
Thanks to Book Chick City for hosting WLW.


  1. You had me at "Never ending" and "Warrior", almost anything would be great along those two lines! Love seeing your topics and comments here, and I always have to wonder "where do they come up with those great front cover artworks"?

  2. Those all look really good. I agree about the cover art: Brilliant!

  3. Emme, I'm so excited to read Warrior!

    And I'll agree with ya both... so into these covers! Wish I could design something so fun.

  4. I've heard great things about the Bartimaeus books, but I haven't read them yet. Will this fourth book be the final one in the series?

  5. Violet, I have no idea! I thought that the last book was the final one so when I heard about Ring of Solomon I was soooo excited.

  6. I want to read Warrior badly and I am current;y reading Cross Your Heart by Michele Bardsley!

    Great picks. Love your tastes!=)



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