Thursday, October 7, 2010

Author Guest Post: Keeping Fresh with DCS!

Keeping Fresh

When I was about fourteen I was introduced to text based roleplay. Some of you might be familiar when five, ten years ago it was all the rage on AOL, and you’d find the Arts and Entertainment categories flooded with it. Like  most things it has evolved over the years, but the foundation remains. I bring it up because I continue to roleplay and have found it a tool to be applied in numerous areas as we delve into this thing called writing.

Roleplay for me, relying solely on imagination and creative writing, when  joined with other great writers and creative people can become a magical, crazy fun adventure (not to mention addictive). Through that means I’ve come up with characters for my novel, the Terenzio’s. They started in a mafia style RPG with goals similar to what I portray in the book, slightly altered to suit the story I wanted to tell, but that’s where I got the foundation. For me, roleplay keeps me sharp. It keeps my writing solid, and my mind forever engaged in storylines. (For the newbie, storylines are the adventures we take our characters on). It also keeps my research fresh. I’m a stickler for it, and even in a fantasy world I like to understand the lines I’m going to bend to suit my own creative whims.

Additionally, my plotting mind has seen roleplay as a fantastic marketing tool. In that vein, not only am I an author but I am also a Game Master. I have created a world called Synarchy 2012, that allows you fellow creative writers (experienced or not, it doesn’t matter) to interact with characters from the books in real time. You can change their courses of history, be their friends, their enemies, whatever your heart desires.

I have to say, roleplay is grossly under looked. Most people when they think of an RPG are thinking World of Warcraft or some variation there of. And while those can be fun, give me good old fashioned text based, anytime. I delight in not only having a stress free, creative release for my over active imagination, but getting to partake in the imagination of others. There really is something magical that comes to play when a bunch of writers get together and all start contributing to the story.

So, if you’re a writer, new or old, experienced or not, not quite ready to develop a novel, but are itching to tell a story, or interact with other creative minds, swing by Synarchy 2012 or others like it. You’ll find a whole new world to explore, and you never know you just might get a book out of it.

About DCS:
DCS is the author of Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension. When not writing you can listen to her radio show, In The Mind of DCS every Saturday evening at 7pm CST on the Paranormal Soup Network. Currently sucking up the creative energy of New Orleans, she is attending the American Institute of Holistic Theology to earn a PhD in Metaphysical Spirituality while being hard at work at the next book in the Synarchy Series, and an upcoming webisode series called The Fallen. Visit her website at to learn more.

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