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Contest & Interview with Author Jaz Primo! [Closed]

Welcome to Rex Robot Reviews, Jaz!

Can you tell us what inspired you to write Sunrise at Sunset and a little bit about the novel?
The story was actually conceived years ago while I was completing my Master's degree. Over time, the characters became so prevalent and real in my imagination that I simply had to write the novel, if only to get them into a tangible form before me. They're definitely so vivid and alive to me now, and their continuing development and storylines keep unfolding even without my trying. It's like watching a television in my mind's eye, and the episodes keep replaying and refining themselves until I finally sit down at the keyboard.

As for the novel itself, it's sort of the "Twilight" of the Sunset series. Katrina, a vampire with a violent past, encounters a young boy named Caleb for a single day that changes both of them forever. Two decades later, they encounter each other again, only this time there's an immediate attraction between them. They're two characters with personal aberrations who are trying to overcome them while also falling in love with each other. However, a dangerous enemy from Katrina's past resurfaces to threaten both she and Caleb, which in the process creates both physical and emotional obstacles for them. Two additional key characters named Paige and Alton are introduced, and they're also on their own personal journeys of growth and development. It's the first story in a series involving interwoven concepts of trust, love, revenge, and redemption. However, it's a unique storyline in that traditional gender roles are explored and reconstructed based upon the personalities of the characters and the dynamic nature of the vampires

What research did you find necessary for Sunrise at Sunset? 
Well, at functional levels I needed to research Atlanta, Georgia and parts of Pennsylvania. However, I also researched concepts in motivational theory and the effects of abuse in personality development. Fortunately, I have dabbled in motivational theory from my masters program, but I had to delve even deeper to find what I needed for the novel. Finally, I researched the histories of both Central and South America.

Which of your characters was a challenge for you during the writing process?
A character named Alton presented his own set of challenges because he's a rather intriguing and complex character with numerous agendas. He's a bit of a mystery in Sunrise at Sunset, but the reader gets to delve much more into him in novel #2: A Bloody London Sunset. He's a Chinese puzzle that you have to continue unraveling well into novel #3: Summit at Sunset.

What songs would your main characters choose for the Sunrise at Sunset soundtrack?
Actually, I'm really happy that you asked that question! Most of the time, I write to music for my imagination's own internal soundtrack. I find that it helps to set the mood for the scene I'm writing. In the end, each novel that I've written has its own soundtrack by the time it's finished. So, here's some of the music that my characters found appealing (or appropriate to the scene) as I wrote Sunrise at Sunset.

Blue Foundation: "Eyes On Fire"
Courtney Love: "Hold On to Me" and ""
Death Cab for Cutie: "I Will Possess Your Heart"
Garbage: "Temptation Awaits" and "You Look So Fine"
Gram Rabbit: "Devil's Playground"
Hole: "Malibu" and "Softer, Softest"
Jem: "24" and "Come On Over"
Massive Attack: "Angel" and "Dissolved Girl"
Mogwai: "Autorock" and "Hunted by a Freak"
Muse: "Map of the Problematique"
Phoenix: Lisztomania
Poe: "Angry Johnny"
Portishead: "Glory Box" and "Sour Times"
Radiohead - "15 Step" and "Karma Police"

I have to say that Thom Yorke and Radiohead play a key influence in all of my novels, and both "15 Step" and "Karma Police" were employed plentifully during Sunrise at Sunset. Massive Attack's "Angel" and Jem's "24" were essential on a number of occasions for scenes involving Katrina. There are scenes where Katrina is watching over Caleb, and I used Garbage's "You Look So Fine". Garbage's "Temptation Awaits" was also very important for Paige in a pivotal section of the story, and strongly reflects her personality.

However, Phoenix's "Lisztomania" also suited Paige's personality on a number of occasions. Songs that complimented Caleb included Gram Rabbit's "Devil's Playground" and Blue Foundation's "Eyes On Fire". There's a dramatic sequence involving Caleb at a restaurant where Mogwai's brooding "Autorock" is nearly perfectly timed while reading that section of the chapter. It actually still makes me shiver to read those passages while playing that song.

Tell us a little about yourself! What are five fun facts about Jaz?
*Grinning* I LOVE puns...I really do! And though often to the chagrin of those around me, most people have eventually associated it as a character trait of mine. My friends even engage in "pun battles" with me. I'll admit that I'm a bit of a "pun superpower", so sometimes they end up just shaking their heads with a groan and walking away. Oh, and I love doing funny accents and voices, a'la Monty Python. A couple of my friends and I often quote skits from the old Monty Python shows. My favorite is the "Dead Parrot" skit. I'm quite an eclectic person, actually. I have diverse interests, including bass fishing, watching college football, and reading paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels. Wait...was that five already?

Aww, crud. I still have more left to talk about...

Any other releases or works in progress you're excited about?
Absolutely! By the time you are reading this interview, the book trailer for Sunrise at Sunset should be proliferating on the Internet. I'm really excited for prospective readers to see it! In addition, the second novel in the Sunset series should be released in April or May 2011, and the third novel is tentatively scheduled for an October 2011 release. I'm also excited about starting on the fourth novel in the Sunset Series. I have most of the soundtrack lined up already, so I plan to start writing on it this winter. In fact, I already hear Thom Yorke's "Analyse" playing in my head in anticipation. *wink*

Where can our readers find you?
I can be found on Facebook, where I'm usually quite active. But they can also find me on my website at, and on my blog at I'm afraid that I don't Tweet much. I suppose you could say that I'm an odd bird! *Cheesy Grin* And I don't have any book signings scheduled in the near future, but please keep checking my website for future events.

Thank you for taking the time for us today, Jaz!

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