Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Author Lucy Weston Guest Post!

The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, 
Vampire Slayer
as told to Lucy Weston
Down a narrow lane in a part of London rarely frequented by mortals lies the very old and exclusive club where I first learned of the existence of Elizabeth Tudor’s secret journals.  On that fog-bound night when the city seemed to be wrapped in dreams, Mordred--the most powerful and seductive of all the vampires--was holding forth to an admiring audience.  As he recounted various episodes from his long and admittedly fascinating career, he mentioned the journals.  Further, he went so far as to suggest that he had seen them.

The tale of a mighty Slayer who arose in the 16th century and for a time threatened the survival of the Kindred is well known in vampire circles.  So, too, the rumors that the Slayer was none other than Queen Elizabeth I, the greatest monarch England and quite possibly the world has ever known.  I had always believed that the story was apocryphal but as I listened to Mordred, I began to think otherwise.  That very night, I resolved to do everything possible to find Elizabeth’s journals and discover the truth for myself.

Ever since my transformation into a vampire more than a century ago by none other than Mordred himself, I have sought vengeance.  But now, heeding the voice of a queen wise beyond her years, I can only hope that the revelation of the true role vampires have played in human affairs will lead to a new, better accord between humans and vampires alike.

As for myself, I continue to evade both British Intelligence and the vampire Kindred that seeks to stop me from revealing the truth. How long I will be able to do so is anyone’s guess but be assured that I will try my best to stay in contact here and elsewhere.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Lucy! I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED this book.

  2. Hey, RR. Wanted to wish you Happy Holidays. And cheers to a spectacular 2011! :)



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