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Unearthly by Cynthia Hand [Review]

5 out of 5 Robots!
Title: Unearthly
Series: Unearthly, #1
Author: Cynthia Hand
Genre: YA PNR Romance
Release Date: Jan 4, 2011
Hardcover: 448 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0061996165
ISBN-13: 978-0061996160
My Copy: NetGalley
Reviewer: Rex

My Review:
Unearthly is beautiful, unique and a breath of fresh air. I was hooked on this book from the first few pages- I'm still hooked on it. I am so sad it is over! Talk about having a literary crush. After sifting through many mediocre Young Adult books and barely being able to finish them- I want to hug and thank Ms. Hand for such a well written book. And about angels, nevertheless! Just what I've been looking for lately. This book literally has everything you could ask for in a Young Adult Paranormal Romance novel. I should have warned you to brace yourself for my smitten behavior while writing this review.

Clara learned a few years ago that she is one quarter angel. When receiving the "angel speech" from her mother, she also learns that she has a purpose which she is anxiously waiting to complete. Now, Clara has began receiving visions of her purpose- saving a teenage boy from a forest fire in Wyoming. So what's a girl to do but follow her dreams- literally. Clara, her brother and half-angel mother all pack up and ship off to Wyoming. Once there she finds herself dealing with angelic issues as well as mundane teen problems- new school, new friends, new crush. She has her plate full.

Clara is believable and I found it incredibly easy to relate to her. Having to choose between her heart and head, her emotions and reactions are pragmatic and sometimes frustrating. Just like the average teenage girl, she isn't always likable and is a wee bit self centered... but she is genuine and compassionate. And, of course, she's got that major *who do I choose* conflict going on. Who doesn't love a good love triangle? 

Now, love triangle. Clara's purpose is to save the rich, cute, popular Christian... But when she accidentally falls in love with poor, adorable, popular Tucker can she still complete her purpose? Or will she save the wrong boy? At first I had a hard time picking a side, I'm falling head over heels for Tucker right along with Clara but then Ms. Hand tossed me a curve ball and I'm like wait, Christian.....? Both equally have their pros and both equally have their cons. Good luck trying to choose your side! Though I have to admit it was fun not being able to choose.

Before I finish up- I have to make note of Clara's friends. They're shockingly realistic. She's got Wendy- her human friend and Tucker's sister, and then there is Angela, half angel. There is jealousy, arguments, tension- all that good stuff that girls deal with amongst their best friends. I feel the same way about the mother-daughter relationship with Clara and her mom. So realistic- and after just finishing up a book that has a  frustratingly fictional relationship between the child/parents- this was refreshing.

Each and every character has depth and the story is absolutely compelling. Hand writes with such graceful efficiency. I highly recommend this novel to all fans of young adult, paranormal and angels. Gosh, I would recommend this novel to just about anyone. When does the second one come out!?

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  1. I agree! This book was FANTASTIC! Probably my favorite angel book so far. I was pretty much blown away by how well done it was and I wasn't ever annoyed at characters or the plot. Great review!

  2. Thanks for reading, Candace! I think this is my favorite angel book to date too. It is very seldom that plot/characters don't get annoying or frustrating at all... oh man, I can't stand talking about it, I want to read the second so badly. :)

  3. Oh good. I have this on my tbr coming up fast and it sounds like I'll enjoy it. I love good secondary characters! I also love that you want the second already. Thanks for the review!



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