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Right-Hand Magic by Nancy Collins [Review]

 4 out of 5 Robots!
Title: Right-Hand Magic
Series: Golgotham, #1
Author: Nancy A. Collins
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: Dec. 7, 2010
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Roc
ISBN-10: 0451463668
ISBN-13: 978-0451463661
My Copy: Publisher
Reviewer: Rex

My Review:
Right-Hand Magic by Nancy Collins is light, addicting and full of fascinating characters- an outstanding start to a new series. I found myself enamored with the world building in Golgotham and could not stop flipping the pages.

Tate, our heroine, wants to make a life for herself as a sculptor without using the family name. And she has finally decided, after a bad break up, to get out of town. So what better a place than Golgotham where the apartments are huge and cheap- perfect for a studio/apartment combination... And she has even  found one with a gorgeous landlord. The only problem? He's got six fingers on each hand. Golgotham is just not everything it seems... And can Tate keep up with the new life she's created for herself and the changes that Golgotham offers?

Reading as the world building in Golgotham unraveled is just captivating. I loved the descriptions of each character with their wildly vivid hair colors and unique attributes. The food items were just as intriguing as the characters- the witches and warlocks of Golgotham are very creative when it comes to their food menu. The only descriptive complaint I have is the cover of this novel- it would be perfect without the model who doesn't seem to suit Tate at all. Just had to throw that out there. Don't let the cover scare you away!

Tate is unbelievably likable, I felt as if I knew her. She is eccentric, gutsy and vulnerable. It was wonderful that her relationship with Hexe took time to evolve. It went from landlord to friend to crush to boyfriend. Relationships that take time just seem more pragmatic and sweet in my opinion. Refreshing switch from most of the stories I've been getting into lately.

I thought this book was awesome, plain and simple. It kept my attention and I was thoroughly entertained. I will admit, however, that there are parts that were rather dull and didn't seem to push the book in any direction. I skimmed these parts. I still highly recommend this book as the world and characters are fabulously intriguing. I can't wait to get my hands on the second installment- this is a series with lots of potential.

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  1. I just got this book- I'm very excited to read it now :) The whole premise looks very interesting

  2. I can't wait to see what you think, D.L.! It has been hit or miss amongst my friends :) But I still love talking about it regardless. hehe.



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