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Green Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells [Review]

Title: Green Eyed Demon
Series: Sabina Kane, #3
Author: Jaye Wells
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release: February 22, 2011
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Orbit
Language: English
ISBN-10: 031603777X
ISBN-13: 978-0316037778
Reviewer: Wenj from BLR

4 out of 5 Robots!

My Review:
Green Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells is the thrilling third novel in the widely popular Sabina Kane series. This wonderful urban fantasy series has a little bit of something for everyone: a kick ass half vampire-half mage heroine, a sexy side kick mage with romantic intentions toward said heroine, a wickedly funny demon and a wide cast of villains who threaten to unleash unimaginable doom upon the world. Add to that action, drama, romance, suspense, mystery, comedy and impending doom and really, what is there not to love?

The world Wells creates is vast and intricate with a host of supernatural and mythical creatures who have varying agendas as an impending war between the dark races begins to heat up. The amount of detail to which Wells goes to bring these cultures and societies to life was amazing and had the culminating effect of bringing the conflicts between the various species and characters into acute focus. The atmospheres are wonderfully captured and I especially loved the setting of New Orleans. Truly, Wells brought the Big Easy to life and filled it with her own unique blend of supernatural attributes. And where better for a show down with a Cult and the ruler of the vampire race who want to summon Caine? The flair of the supernatural and voodoo are so wonderfully suited to this novel serving as a perfect backdrop to this thrilling plotline.

However, what really ensnared me in the story were two characters: Sabina Kane and Giguhl. Sabina is a likable character chock full of personality flaws, worries and a healthy dose of snark for good measure. She’s tough and honestly has quickly ascended to one of my favorite heroines in urban fantasy. While this is my first time reading this series, I loved the conflicting natures within her character and can easily see how she struggles with now being a part of a team. There’s a very well established solitary streak within her personality that is easily decipherable from the way she speaks and thinks you can plainly see the shift in her as she begins to think about those around her, the members of her team, or as Giguhl likes to call it ‘Team Awesome’. 

Giguhl, however, was by far my favorite. He has a larger than life personality with a wicked sense of humor that had me busting out laughing at the oddest times. A great comparison would be Giguhl is to Sabina Kane what Lafayette is to True Blood. At any rate, he is the corner stone of the team offering wisdom and strength, both emotionally and physically, and is really the one that holds everyone together and ultimately who pushes Sabina past her fears and into Adam’s arms thus making her see that she is a part of something and capable of love. From early on the romance between them is palpable as Sabina knows exactly how much she desires Adam and has the cutest knack for becoming jealous. Adam on the other hand knows Sabina desires him and tries to push past the barrier she has built separating him from her which adds to his frustration. This hesitant romance, however, is extremely sweet and I really loved how Wells built it up. While there is tension, there’s very little angst allowing me to simply love the characters and not worry about when or if they’d be together because obviously given that deep tender bond they share they would eventually give in. And as to the cast of fun characters we meet in the New Orleans? Let me just say I am thrilled that they seem to have joined Sabina’s group of merry warriors and I really hope we see them in the next novel, especially Pussy Willow! How fun is he…erm, she? Mixed with Giguhl this pair would be unstoppable in future books adding lots of colorful commentary and humor to the plots, much like they did in this one. Personally, I’d continue reading solely for these two if nothing else!

The pace of this novel was quick from the start with lots of action and suspense. There is always something going on to drive the pace which in turn creates mounting questions for the readers and mysteries to be solved. This really adds to the need to finish the novel just to see how it will all play out and the ending, let me just say wow! Had to be the best ending to a novel that I’ve read in a while as the final showdown has so much drama and suspense I couldn’t catch my breath. It was definitely anything but anticlimactic as I was practically clawing the walls trying to reach the last page. And when all was said and done I was quite satisfied and left wanting to see what happened next without fretting over a cliff hanger ending which was really refreshing!

Overall, if you love action and all things supernatural with a feisty kick ass heroine then this is a can’t miss read. For those who aren’t familiar with the series, this is easily accessible and doesn’t require any previous knowledge. However, I highly enjoyed this novel so I would suggest picking up the first novels anyway!

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  1. Fantastic review of a fantastic book. I LOVED GED. I had the pleasure of meeting Well's at Readers N Ritas last year. I decided then & there I had to read her books. She has personality in spades.



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