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Interview & Giveaway: Master Your Sleep! [CLOSED]

About the Author:
Dr. Marks obtained her undergraduate degree from Duke University and her medical degree from the University of Florida. She completed her residency training at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical Center. 

Welcome to Rex Robot Reviews, Dr. Marks! 

What inspired you to write Master Your Sleep and can you tell us a little about it?
I noticed that I saw multiple patients come to see me for issues related to being stressed out, depressed or having relationship problems. Most if not all of them had sleeping problems even if they did not see that as a significant issue.

When I would make recommendations on how to help their sleep, they would only remember a few things I said. I decided to write up a “how to” manual for them. When Michael Jackson died from trying help a sleeping problem, I really appreciated how far reaching this problem is and how desperate some people are to get help. I decided I wanted to help more people and expanded it from a manual to a book.

Studies show that cognitive behavioral techniques for sleep are more effective long term than sleeping medication. I never learned how to teach people to do it in residency and I don’t think many clinicians are trained in doing it either. So the book is a way for average person to learn how to do some of these techniques to help themselves sleep.

What are the biggest sleep complaints that affect women?
I find that the top three things are:
  1. Not sleeping enough because they have too much on their plate. For some working moms, they come home to a second job. If they bring home work, they may be up late into the night finishing it.
  2. Body temperature problems (getting too hot) because of menopause
  3. Family interference such as a noisy bed partner, baby/kids not sleeping or too many people in the bed
Can you tell us a little about your writing process for Master Your Sleep?
I started working on the “manual” around March 2009. I developed an outline first, then I spent several months researching studies on the lasted information about sleep disorders and the treatment. I learned a lot during that process and really enjoyed it. I got about 80% done when I started thinking “sleep stuff if boring, no one is going to want this.” So I stalled out and walked away from it for a while. Also, I was doing this in addition to working and was determined not to take it home at night.

Then Michael Jackson died in June 2009 and I got a fire under my heiny to finish what I started. I hired someone to edit what I had while I finished the rest of the manuscript.

Tell us a little about yourself! Give us three fun facts about Dr. Marks!
1. I’m also a semiprofessional photographer. If I were 20, I’d be running two businesses simultaneously, but I don’t have the energy for that now. So I work on photo and video projects on the side as time allows. It’s my creative outlet.

2. If I had to choose one last meal it would be ribs and collard greens with peach cobbler for dessert. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

3. I used to be hooked on the Food Network. Before I was married I thought I missed my calling as a pastry chef so I would bake fancy desserts and leave them out for the neighborhood dogs to eat (to protect myself from obesity).

What other authors you would recommend to your readers?
I’m embarrassed to say I read more fiction than non-fiction. I need the escape. I like thriller authors like Ken Follet, John Grisham and more recently Stieg Larsson. For self-help stuff I tend to read blogs for the latest information. In the sleep realm I follow Dr. Michael Breus and the National Sleep Foundation. Medscape and WebMD are also good sources for reliable information on many different issues.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Dr. Marks! 

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