Friday, March 25, 2011

Bullet Work by Steve O'Brien [Review]

Title: Bullet Work
Author: Steve O'Brien
Genre: Mystery
Release: March 14, 2011
Publisher: A & N Publishing
Sold by: Amazon Digital

My Copy: Publisher
Reviewer: Mona

4 out of 5 Robots!

About the Book:
They lived for that one chance; the chance to get home first. They waited for that one second. For that moment when they broke into the clear down the home stretch, and no one was going to catch them.

Behind the glamorous exterior of horse racing lies the gritty reality of the backside. Within this fiercely competitive world of owners, trainers, vets, and jockeys something has gone terribly wrong. As opening day approaches, one racehorse is poisoned, another has her leg crushed by a lead pipe and a third mysteriously disappears. Shock and horror grip the racing community.

Then it all makes sense. Greed. The extortion demands are revealed. Despite all security efforts, the brutal killings continue. For Dan Morgan it becomes personal when his precocious two-year-old filly is targeted.  Dan must crack the extortion scheme or risk becoming the next victim.

Mona's Review:
Bullet Work by Steve O’Brien is out of the gate with a burst of speed! This highly suspenseful thriller will have you “chomping at the bit” as you unravel the mystery behind it all. O’Brien takes us into the world of horse racing and what it takes to have a winner.

With his “insider info” on what happens in the life of not only an Owner but of a Hotwalker, O’Brien will send you on a journey through the racetrack backside, a side many never see.

Through the euphoric feeling of winning to the despair and agony of loss on and off the track, the story of a gifted horse whisperer ends in tragedy. This story surges with excitement from beginning to end as the reader delves deeper and deeper into this dynamic story as they begin to unravel the plots within plots.

O’Brien captures the complexity of the characters as they bring to life the diversity involved in training and then racing a Thoroughbred to victory, and the courage it takes to make the right decisions.

Through danger and threats, to not only the horses but to the heart of the backside Bullet Work will pull at those heartstrings and captivate any reader. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fantastic read and especially to horse and mystery lovers everywhere!

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