Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Outwitted by Beth Solheim [Review]

Title: Outwitted
Series: Sadie Witt Mystery
Author: Beth Solheim
Genre: Mystery
Release: January 19, 2011
Publisher: Echelon Press
Sold by: Amazon Digital
Reviewer: Shannon

3.5 out of 5 Robots!

My Review:
Outwitted is a fun, easy mystery.  This is the kind of book you take with you to read on the beach.  Nothing too heavy, quirky and a fast read.  The main character, Sadie Witt, owns and operates a resort in Northern Minnesota with her twin sister.  The sisters are exact opposites of each other and balance each other out.  Sadie is also a "death coach" - she helps the recently departed cross over.  Sadie herself is very quirky and sports outrageous hairdos and wears outrageous clothes.  Because of this, and her tendency to talk to "imaginary friends" (ghosts), she has a reputation of being crazy! 

This story falls into those mystery series that features some sort of gimmick.  You know, a cat who helps solve mysteries or a housewife who just happens to also solve crimes.  This is a bad thing, but it is definitely apart of the mystery genre.  These books make for easy and fun reads because the characters tend to be a little feisty and a little off the wall.  Sadie Witt is no exception.  I quite liked the set up with Sadie being a death coach.  She has to help two ghosts to cross over and in doing so, she has to help them figure out what their leftover business is.  

The characters are fun and there is quite a bit of humor.  The only thing I tired of was the talk about how outrageous Sadie's appearance was.  It seemed a little over the top and the sisters constantly argued over it.  It seemed a little forced.  But the rest of the plot was interesting and the character dynamics were fun.  Again, this is definitely a "light" read, so bring it to the beach or the gym.

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