Monday, March 14, 2011

Red Glove by Holly Black [Review]

Title: Red Glove
Series: Curse Workers, 2
Author: Holly Black
Genre: Young Adult
Release: April 5, 2011
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: McElderry
ISBN-10: 144240339X
ISBN-13: 978-1442403390
My Copy: Publisher
Reviewer: Looksie

The cons get twistier and the stakes get higher in Red Glove, the sequel to White Cat.

I know what you're thinking... What a skimpy description. Well, let me fill you in. You have read White Cat, yes? Good, because if not you might be out of your mind. In this world full of Curse Workers where people have abilities to do amazing things with a touch of a finger, we find Cassel. Cassel has had a tough go of it. Being lied to and conned by his family and thinking he had lost the girl he loved forever can be pretty traumatic.

Red Glove takes us back to Cassel's school, Wallingford. While there he tries to avoid Lila, the girl he has been in love with since forever, it proves difficult when she enrolls in his school. Why would he avoid her you ask? In case you have forgotten, Cassel's mom is an emotion worker and thinking she was doing her son a favor, she worked Lila into loving him. He can't be with her knowing it isn't real but staying away proves harder than he thinks.

On top of all his relationship problems, his brother Phillip is murdered and federal agents are looking to him to solve the case as well as a string of other murders. And Lila's mobster father is looking to recruit him for his extremely rare gift of transformation. A gift Cassel tries to keep secret from most everyone including some of his closest friends. But that's the problem with secrets. They never seem to stay that way.

Those awesome and loyal friends of his are back to play a big role in this book as well. Sam and Daneca have finally crossed the "more than friends" line. Their relationship is totally cute and they make a good team to help Cassel. Cassel is smart though. He has worked cons and knows the angles. With his street smarts and his friends help, he attempts to solve the con that killed Phillip and create some new cons of his own.

This book was full of shocking revelations, romance and mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat. Everything is more than meets the eye. If you loved White Cat, then this is a sequel you don't want to miss. Holly Black has created a world worthy of a movie. Feel free to obsess about this series like I do. Oh and another great thing about this series is that it's definitely guy friendly! Amazing, I know. This book comes out April 5th, 2011 so be sure to pick this one up!

On the Lovitz Scale I give this book 5 out of 5 Notes!

Songs for this book:
Running From The Cops by Phantogram
Odessa by Caribou
Trap Doors by Broken Bells (not on playlist site)
Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

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  1. I want to read Red Glove so badly. White Cat was one of my favourite books of the year, and I'm dying to know what happens next! Great review - April seems too far away!

  2. I know! I'm dying for this book even though I already read it! It was just as good as White Cat.



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