Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten's List with Author Susan Bigelow!

Tens List 
with author of Broken
Susan J. Bigelow


What are your top 10 
favorite Science Fiction movies?

1. Contact – My all-time favorite, and one of the more underrated science fiction movies out there. I cry at the end. I dare you not to. “Poetry! They should have sent a poet.”

2. Star Wars (the original trilogy) – And what did I watch again and again as a kid, whenever I could? What did I make my mom get for me from the video store over and over until their tape wore out? That's right. Star Wars. I could probably recite it from memory.

3. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind – I love the work of Hayao Miyazaki, and this post-apocalyptic film is one of my favorites of his.

4. Dark City – What a great concept, meshing science fiction with a gritty film noir setting. “Shut it down!”

5. Star Trek: First Contact – I love the Next Generation cast more than any other, and this is their only good movie. The Borg Queen is a bit much, but it has some cool Captain Picard moments and a totally sloshed Counselor Troi.

6. Spaceballs – My sister and I loved this movie to death when we were young, and I still love it now. Mel Brooks meets science fiction, it's brilliantly funny.

7. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – I always liked this one best of all the Trek movies, because it's great fun to see how bewildered they all were by the 1980s. As we get farther away from that time, I empathize with them more. There's a punk on a city bus with a boom box! How quaint.

8. A.I. Artificial Intelligence – I don't care what the reviews say, I still like this movie. There are many images that stick with me from it, including the half-drowned city and the creepy, yet oddly comforting talking teddy bear.

9. Dune – Yes, Dune. That Dune, the one with Patrick Stewart and The spice must floooow. It's a wonderfully terrible movie.

10. Galaxy Quest – If you love Star Trek as much as I do, you'll love this hilarious satire of it.

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