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Anno Dracula by Kim Newman [Review]

3 out of 5 Robots!

Title: Anno Dracula
Series: Anno Draculae, 1
Author: Kim Newman
Genre: Steampunk
Release: May 24, 2011
Paperback: 560 pages
Publisher: Titan Books
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0857680838
ISBN-13: 978-0857680839
My copy: Publisher
Reviewer: Dewey

Book Summary:
England 1888. After defeating Helsing and his friends, Count Dracula dominates the United Kingdom. The vampire king is married to Queen Victoria, transforming it into an undead, nosferatu and rage. The streets of London at night are beaten by gangs of vampires on the prowl and Neil lamplight, prostitutes-vampire lure customers in exchange for a pint of blood. 

In the shadows of this metropolis is a cold-blooded murderer who kills young women and calls himself Jack the Ripper. Charles Beauregard, special agent, joins forces with an unlikely ally to hunt down the perpetrator of these heinous crimes, which threaten to subvert the social order giving rise to a unique world, where the living and undead co-exist and the law of Dracula has supplanted the rules of civilization.

My Review:
This may be the most interesting take on the Dracula story I have read to date. And it is well worth reading for true fans of the mesmerizing and infamous story.

This book seems to pick up where the original left off. It takes you through the political aspects of life within London as vampires are becoming a part of normal society. The choice to become vampire is increasing and causing many changes within the society’s social rankings and way of life. It follows through multiple stories involving the horror of a new serial killer targeting young female vampires, both  old romances and new forming, the political ambitions of both the “warm” people and vampires, as well as the social standing of those who share the Prince’s bloodline, who most declare to be tainted. There are bizarre appearances by many well-known that will have your head spinning as well, including Jack the Ripper, The Elephant Man, and even Dr. Jekyll!

I must say after getting through the initial introductions and trying to make sense and keep track of who was who, the storyline became very intriguing. There seemed to be too much going on at certain times and I have to admit I felt a bit lost as to what the plot was trying to focus on. I quickly became attracted to the relationship between Charles Beauregard and Genevieve Dieudonne and almost wish there was more focus put on that side of the story. It is amazing the way the author inserted so many historical tidbits into the story making it almost an adventure to believe this all could have been happening in the same time and place. It gave the story a very unique quality that made me appreciate the writing even more. The author has definitely made me curious enough to read the next installments as they are released.

Recommending this one to all those that love Dracula and historical fiction!

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