Monday, May 23, 2011

BEA 2011! We're in NYC!

Looksie Lovitz and I made it to BEA! We've been here since Sunday and are enjoying NYC. We haven't gotten into many bookish things other than the Teen Author Carnival and getting our badges. We did go see the Harry Potter exhibit- AMAZING! Me loves you Harry Potter. I'd toss up some pictures... but no pictures allowed in the exhibit. Sigh. 

We're soooo excited about tomorrow! There are some awesome authors showing up- Leanna Renee Hieber, Scott Westerfeld, Courtney Moulton, Cindy Pon, RL Stine... so many, those are just the first that come to my mind.

I love New York but my feet do not. We're going to have buns of steel after this week, haha. I don't have anything else to say, I just had to announce our arrival because I can't contain my excitement. I'll be tweeting while I'm here and you can check out some of my twit pictures from my twitter account. There aren't many yet.

Anyone else here already?!


  1. Okaiexz...seriously you, me, & Looksie need to go all together next year. I am sooo jealous. I am cursing my school right now....but luckily that won't be the cas next year b/c I'll have graduated...hehehe.

    when I saw Looksie pic of her bEA badge I was like damn you. so jealous..hahaha =DDDDDDDD

    The pics you guys posted so far are lovely. NY is really beautiful at night =DDDDDD

  2. I SO need to run into you already!

  3. LOL, where are you, Miss Remmers? I've run into the story siren a couple times, but I'm too chicken to do any introductions. chicken = shy. haha



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