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Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis [Review]

4.5 out of 5 Robots!
Title: Kat, Incorrigible
Unladylike Adventures of Kat, 1
Author: Stephanie Burgis
Genre: YA Steampunk
Release: April 5, 2011
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Atheneum
ISBN-10: 9781416994473
ISBN-13: 978-1416994473
ASIN: 1416994475
My Copy: Publisher
Reviewer: Rex

Book Blurb: 
Katherine Ann Stephenson has just discovered that she's inherited her mother's magical talents, and despite Stepmama's stern objections, she's determined to learn how to use them. But with her eldest sister Elissa's intended fiancĂ©, the sinister Sir Neville, showing a dangerous interest in Kat's magical potential; her other sister, Angeline, wreaking romantic havoc with her own witchcraft; and a highway man lurking in the forest, even Kat's reckless heroism will be tested to the upmost. 

If she can learn to control her new powers, will Kat be able to rescue her family and win her sisters their true love?

My Review:
Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis is the cutely adventurous and witty debut in the Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson series. I really had no idea what this book was about before I began reading it, but something told me to give it a go. I'm so glad I did. This book is SO much fun. I can't wait to read this one again- there were many instances in the plot that made me giggle. 

Kat is one of my favorite young adult heroines. She is super young, independent, outspoken and gutsy. She will do whatever it takes and has this crazy determination to take down the bad guys. There is something very whimsical about this tale and I can't put my finger on why, but Kat is just so unique. I really adored her spunk. Every character in this story made me smile- I felt like I knew each of them so well. Another marvelous thing about this novel is the banter between Kat and her siblings. It is so real- I can hear myself arguing the same way when I was younger. Of course, there was never real magic involved in my arguments... unfortunately.

I can not wait for the next book. The plot and characters were truly intriguing and kept me on the edge of my seat the entirety of the story. Thank you, Stephanie, for creating such a wonderful cast of characters- each with their own voice. If you have a young girl you're looking to get into reading, this is the perfect. There aren't many books that I wouldn't change at least one tiny thing about... I wouldn't change anything about this one. Highly recommend this one.

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  1. OMG, this looks so cute! I wonder if it's something I could read with Monkey (who's turning 6 in 2 months) or if I'll need to wait. Sounds like something she'd enjoy with all the girl power & sillyness & witchcraft...

    My dad read Harry Potter to my younger brother when he was 6, changing words that he didn't understand. I think it brought them closer together and I'm hoping that reading a "big girl book" will help Monkey's love of reading along.

    Good idea? Horrible idea? What do you think? Either way, I'm reading the book because it looks absolutely adorable. :)



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