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Character Interview: Cursebusters!

About the Book:
Budding-psychic Reeno is the most accomplished teenage burglar in California, but one tiny screw-up and poof!—she's sentenced to Bad Girl School. And that isn’t even her worst problem. Her sister Haley’s dying of an illness no one can diagnose, and now she can’t even help.

The school psychics have found each other and formed their own club. With the help of Carlos and the other Ozone Rangers, Reeno finds out Haley’s disease is the result of an ancient Mayan curse. And A.B., the group's sinister non-faculty adviser, claims he knows how to break it. All Reeno has to do is time-travel to an ancient Mayan city and steal a little item A.B. needs to save the world.

Since she’s an ace thief, he has complete confidence she can execute the task before the outraged Mayans can execute her. But can she trust A.B.? He's not even human.

Character Interview: Reeno!

Hi, Reeno! Welcome to Rex Robot Reviews. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Sure. I’ve got nothing but time here in Bad Girl School. I’m a normal red-blooded 15-year-old female burglar. I’ve got raspberry-colored hair, which I wear kind of like a lion’s mane, and red and green snake tattoos like bracelets on my upper arms. Hoo-boy! Mom hated the hair, but the tattoos nearly sent her over the edge. She’s a doctor, a pediatrician, ironically, and Dad’s a professor of New Age Religion at UC Santa Barbara. Oh, yeah, and I have a dog named Curly, and a sister….

Okay, you might as well know. My older sister Haley’s the elephant in the room. This is why it’s ironic about Mom’s job—Haley has a mysterious disease that causes her to bleed all the time. Definitely not hemophilia. No one can diagnose it. And I’m horribly afraid if Dad and I can’t get her to this alternative hospital we know about…well, I think you know what I’m afraid of.

What is it like, being so young and yet being one of the most accomplished teenage burglars in CA?
Every girl should have something of her own, right? Something she does really well? I’m only halfway kidding here. I did get into burgling because I was a master thief. (Petty thief, that is.) But I got good at it because I had to. Because of Haley’s illness, I mean. We’ve got to get the money to send her to that hospital…because science as we know it can’t cure her. answer your question, I love my work. I love it because I take pride in attending to each detail, and I’m very very good at it. And also because it’s sort of thrilling. I admit that. But I don’t get off on it like people think…the opposite, actually. Our house is so sad. When I’m in someone else’s house, I want to cry because it reminds me that our house used to be happy too! But wait—there’s something I haven’t mentioned. Some would say I’m not that good a burglar. Because I did get busted. Although it wasn’t my fault; I was set up.

What songs would be on the soundtrack to your life? 
Ooooh, that’s a fun one! Okay, I’m gonna do it with commentary:
"Pink Hair" by Jane Fonda (Raspberry, actually.)
"Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship (Well, this one did.)
"She's a Burglar" by Bill Perry (A really great one. She said modestly.)
"Locked Up In Jail (Prison Blues)" by John Lee Hooker
"Bad Kitty" by Marianne Baker (At first, that’s all I thought A.B. was.)
"Beastie" by the Beastie Boys
"Magic" by the Carrs
"End of the World" by Nancy Sinatra (He claims it could come if I don’t help him.)
"2012" by The Cool and Deadly (Something about the Mayan calendar ending then.)
"The Time Travel Song" by Billy the Kid

What was your initial reaction when you found out your sister was suffering from an ancient Mayan curse?
Well, actually, it was kind of a relief. Because it was a diagnosis, you know? Before that, we had no idea what was making her bleed all the time. Once you know what something is, you can take steps. See, it was me that caused the curse that time I time-travelled. Only I haven’t time-traveled yet. But the only way to remove the curse is to time-travel and bring down the curse, which wouldn’t exist if I didn’t time-travel. Do you understand that? Well, no one does. It’s called a paradox. Have you ever seen the movie, Back to the Future? Same kind of deal. You’ve got to do it because you already did it. Even though you didn’t. Ow. My head hurts.

Thanks for stopping by! Any parting words of wisdom for our young readers out there?
When burgling, don’t get caught! Okay, kidding. How about this: Believe in magic! It’s real. Just don’t try levitation at home. You already knew that? Well, then, here’s what I really want to say: For a fun time, read CURSEBUSTERS! You may not time-travel, but you’ll sure be transported somewhere. And maybe watch the trailer we made? We got this great pink-haired actress to play me, and A.B. really does talk and…well, here’s the link; see what you think:

Oh, hey, Julia, this was soooo much fun! Thanks for having me.

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