Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Demons Prefer Blondes by Sidney Ayers [Review]

3 out of 5 Robots!
Title: Demons Prefer Blondes
Series: Demons Unleashed, #1
Author: Sidney Ayers
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release: June 1, 2011
Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks
ISBN-10: 1402251742
ISBN-13: 978-1402251740
My Copy: Publisher
Reviewer: Dewey

My Review:
Lucia Gregory, a hairdresser running a salon in a small town, lives a pretty simple life. That is until her quirky best friend’s obsession with antiques turns her world upside down. Lucia's affinity for Latin draws her to an ancient dusty trunk and she just can’t help her curiosity when the inscriptions warn her of demons and special powers. She never expects to unleash an immeasurable amount of trouble for herself and the entire world.

Rafe Deleon has been assigned the mission to come to earth to protect and retrieve the infamous trunk found by Lucia, which he is not happy about. But when he gets to the trunk and finds Lucia has already opened it and released the bad demons, he must find a way to save earth. The mission, however, has become much more complicated as his feelings for Lucia become something he is finding more and more difficult to control. And it doesn’t help that she feels the same way. They both have to team up and do their best to suppress their feelings long enough to defeat Belial and put everything evil back into the trunk before it’s too late.

This was a good read for me. I am a little torn on how much I liked it though. The plot line is intriguing and I barley put the book down. The characters are great too, but occasionally I found things to be moving along too quickly and conveniently for the situations that the characters found themselves in. It felt a little rushed- the things that happen to the main character. Lucia simply accepted her new fate and the new world too easily, when I expected it to take a larger toll on her. I always find it amusing when I complain that paranormal stories aren’t real enough. However, it is a fun read and very well written! Recommended to those paranormal romance junkies out there!


  1. You're killing me with all the good books!! Adding this one to my TBR list... :) Thanks for the review, sweets.

  2. Mama Kitty, I love your comments. Thank you so much for always checking out my reviews :)

  3. I love the title!!

    Thanks for your review! I will read it for sure now! ;)



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