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Interview with Author Nancy Gideon!!

About the Book: 
Detective Charlotte Caissie is suddenly sharing drawer space and making media news with her shape-shifter lover Max Savoie. 

Knowing the reformed mobster is determined to be accepted by her peers, how can she ask him to return to his criminal roots to help her solve a complex case? 

Going undercover to find the vicious serial killer who kidnapped a colleague’s daughter, Cee Cee is caught between the partner whose integrity she relies on and her fiercely possessive lover. In calling on Max to use his preternatural talents to aide a hated enemy, she crosses a line that strains their relationship to its limits.

With his secret spreading beyond those he can trust, Max is forced to make dangerous alliances to protect his family and his clan. The only certainty he has is his love for his human mate, until the loyalties that define them threaten to divide them forever


Hi, Nancy- Thanks for stopping by! We're excited to have you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself- like have you always wanted to be a writer?
Ever since I saw my name in print under a fractured fairytale in my elementary school newspaper all I wanted to be was a writer. My mom insisted that I go to college so I’d have the best possible choices available to me, so I majored in journalism and minored in communications and history and picked classes that would ultimately apply to the betterment of my future writing career. I didn’t get the opportunity to test that dream until I became a stay-at-home mom when my oldest son was born.

That was in the mid-‘80s when I sent out that first manuscript, and I’ve been a working author ever since…even though a day job comes in handy for that pesky health insurance.

I've read the previous novels in the Moonlight series and I love them! Especially the covers. Did you have any hand in the designs?
Thank you! They are drool-worthy. I’ve been fortunate at Pocket. We’re very much a team. I was asked to come up with ideas for the consecutive covers for the first four books, and developed the progression so lusciously illustrated beyond my wildest expectations. I would have liked to have participated in the selection of the model who did Max justice.

How much research was involved for BOUND BY MOONLIGHT?
The paranormal elements and world are pure imagination. Max…sigh…I wish there’d been some research involved. I’d been to New Orleans several times for conferences and loved the ambiance and sultry mood but it wasn’t until last April that I got to immerse myself in the culture and day-to-day exploration while staying for a week in the Quarter with a couple of writer friends. And of course there are countless hours of scurrying around the Internet to find streetcar schedules, weather conditions, political climate, etc. that’s always on-going as the writing progresses. But to me, that’s the fun part.

What were the most challenging aspects when writing the relationship between Charlotte and Max?
Wrapping it up in Book 4. I’d envisioned the entire series around them, but my publisher wanted to branch out within the BY MOONLIGHT world with other heroes and heroines, so there was a frenzied re-writing involved to tie up the romance arc in BOUND BY MOONLIGHT. The fun aspect is Max and Cee Cee get to appear as strong secondary characters in books 5 and 6, so their story is still evolving.

If Charlotte and Max's relationship had a soundtrack- what would five of the songs be?
Every book has had its own sound track! Usually I listen to bluesy or Cajun music to get ‘in the mood.’ If I had to pick five, they’d be:
1. Norah Jones “Turn Me On”
2. Warren Zevon “Werewolves of London”
3. Lucinda Williams “Still I Long for Your Kiss”
4. Jo-El Sonnier “Evangeline Special”
5. John Hiatt “Feels Like Rain”
6. Oh, and Motley Crue’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” as a bonus selection just for BOUND BY MOONLIGHT.

Can you tell us three fun facts about Max that no one knows?
He has more family out there than he’s aware of (and he’ll trust the essence of all that he is to one of them!), he took part in Giles St. Clair’s employment ‘interview’ with Jimmy Legere that changed the direction of Giles’s life, and he can walk on water…literally.

Are you excited about any other new releases or works in progress?
I can’t wait until November 29, 2011 when HUNTER OF SHADOWS is released. Book 5 features a dedicated Shifter cop who has his own agenda and a fearless assassin who is determined to get in his way both professionally and intimately. They were so much fun to write, I couldn’t help but put them in Book 6 to help Jacques LaRoche find the mystery woman who stole his memories and his heart. That one will be out in July of 2012.

Thanks for stopping by! Any parting words for our readers?
I really appreciate my readers taking a step outside the box with me with their enthusiastic acceptance of Max and Cee Cee as continuing characters in their four book romance arc. To thank them, I’m hosting a four day scavenger hunt on my brand new blog: http://nancygideon.blogspot.com that runs from 7-26 to 7-30 with daily prizes and a Kindle going to one lucky participant! Details are posted so hurry over there!

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