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Author Interview with Eileen Carr!

Vanished in the Night
By Eileen Carr
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release: July 26, 2011
Publisher: Pocket
Buy the Book: Amazon

About the Book:
Veronica Osborne has had enough problems with the police, thanks to her volatile father. So when tall, strapping Sergeant Zach McKnight shows up at her door, she’s prepared for anything—except the news that her beloved missing brother, Max, has been dead for nearly twenty years . . . ever since he ran away.

Appalled when the police suspect her father of Max’s murder, Veronica begins her own investigation. But as her surprising role in her brother’s disappearance surfaces, so do more bodies. The ghosts of Max’s past are working hard to hide the truth, while another, more sinister force will do anything to expose it. How far will a killer go to get revenge? And can Zach stop him before he targets the woman Zach’s coming to love?

Q&A with Eileen Carr!
Hi, Eileen! Thanks for stopping by! Can you tell us a little bit about Veronica and the inspiration behind her story?
Thank you so much for having me here!

Veronica is an emergency room nurse and the adult child of an alcoholic. She is, first and foremost, a caregiver. I have a family full of nurses so I know firsthand about how intelligent and capable these men and women are. We’re a little low on alcoholics, but I’ve seen that dynamic up close and personal as well. The combination in Veronica created a character full of interesting dichotomies for me. She is so highly able and smart and yet still so vulnerable. It gave me a lot of depth to play with.

How did the writing process for VANISHED IN THE NIGHT go for you? Did it require a lot of research?
One of the things that really influenced the writing of the book was the work of Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo, the professor who ran the Stanford Prison Experiment back in 1971. I was really fascinated by what happens to people when they’re given power over another group of people. I was even more interested in thinking about how they might live with themselves afterward. How does a person justify cruelty to another? What do they do to make amends? Or do they? Can a person go on and not let that experience have any effect?

Are there any scenes in VANISHED IN THE NIGHT that you absolutely love and could never cut?
I hate to say how much I did cut out of this book. At one point during the revision process, I cut close to 20,000 words. So I guess you could say that everything in the book is “uncuttable” to me. Seriously, though? The first kiss between Zach and Veronica. I absolutely love that scene. The tension between them had been building and building and when that moment finally happened, I practically stood up and cheered.

What songs could we find on Veronica's favorite playlist?
I really had to think about this! I know a lot of authors create playlists to listen to while they’re writing books, but I find that any music with words in it distracts me too much. I end up listening to a lot of classical music. But that’s a whole different question than what Veronica is listening to!

I don’t think she’d be a Lady Gaga fan, but I can see her listening to some Beyonce and maybe a little Rihanna. Perhaps throw a little Black Eyed Peas in there for fun.

Tell us a little bit about you! What are three fun facts about Eileen?
  1. For my day job, I edit reports for a private detective agency.
  2. I have a tattoo of the rune Haegl on my right ankle.
  3. I can hang a spoon from the end of my nose.
Are you excited about any other releases or works in progress?
Absolutely. I’m currently working on Veiled Intentions. It’s a more political and issue-oriented book than any I’ve written before, but definitely still psychologically tense and suspenseful. I also write an urban fantasy series as Eileen Rendahl. Please stop by my website ( You can check out both Eileens there.

Thanks for stopping by! Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers before you go?
Vanished in the Night is, I think, the most psychologically intense book that I’ve written to date. There was a point when I was near the end of the book that I completely creeped myself out. I actually began to wonder about who I really was because I had no idea that I had that kind of stuff in my head. I went places in my own mind that I didn’t know existed and it really made me look hard at myself. I hope people who read the book both enjoy it and come away with something to think about.

Thanks again for having me here! It’s been great. 

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