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Author Interview with Emilie Richards!

Sunset Bridge
By Emilie Richards
Series: Happiness Key, #3
Release: June 28, 2011
Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: Mira
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About the Book: 
Former socialite Tracy Deloche has nothing to her name but five ramshackle beach cottages and the unlikely friendships she's formed with her tenants. Wanda, wise waitress turned popular pie-shop owner. Janya, the young Indian wife whose arranged marriage surprises her every day. Alice, a widow raising her complex tween-age granddaughter. And Maggie, Wanda's daughter, a former Miami cop with a love life as complicated as Tracy's own. 

The new man in Tracy's life hasn't mentioned love or commitment— and Tracy has just discovered she's pregnant. Janya longs to be a mother—and suddenly has two young siblings in her care. Maggie helps out at Wanda's Wonderful Pies…but is the kitchen big enough for both Gray women? And Alice may lose her beloved granddaughter to someone no one expected….

As a tropical storm brews, the wind carries surprises and secrets over the bridge to Happiness Key. Now, more than ever, five friends will discover just how much they need one another.

About the Author: 
Emilie is the author of sixty something novels, most recently Fortunate Harbor, a July 2010 release, which will be followed this summer by the third and final book in the trilogy, Sunset Bridge. She lives in northern Virginia with her minister husband. She is an avid gardener and quilter and the mother of four children.

Q&A with Emilie!

Hi, Emilie, we're excited to have you here! Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind Tracy Deloche and her story?
Thanks for having me, Julia. It's my pleasure. I've written lots of novels, but never one that centered around women's friendships. I loved the idea of creating a community, not in a wealthy suburb but in a place where everyone is struggling, and I loved the idea of creating women with nothing in common, not age, outlook, ethnicity or social background, and they still find they have so much to share.

How much research did you find necessary for Sunset Bridge?
No matter how much I know about a place or a subject, I always seem to do tons of research anyway. This time the research centered on bridges, how they're constructed, etc., the Miami City police department, Cuban food (that was the fun part since I now own an amazing Cuban cookbook) and pies. Always pies with this series.

What songs would we find on Tracy's favorite playlist?
Everything from Madonna to Lady Gaga and anything in between. Oh, and some Dixie Chicks for Marsh.

Can you tell us three fun facts about Tracy that no one knows?
She started reading the Harry Potter series so she would be able to talk to the kids at the rec center, and became a huge fan who wept at the end of the final movie. She's hoping to have one more baby, hopefully a boy, to give Bay a brother. And while she'd never tell him, she really does like Marsh's ponytail.

Are you excited about any other releases or works in progress?
Yes, I'm working on a new series, Goddesses Anonymous, which will debut next August. It's set in Asheville, NC, and last I heard the title of the first book will be One Mountain Away.

Thanks for stopping by! Any parting words for our readers?
To keep my readers happy during the lull between Fortunate Harbor and Sunset Bridge (book two and three of the Happiness Key series, with Happiness Key being the first) I published a "novellini" on my blog here

Treasure Beach takes place between the two novels and features Olivia, Alice's granddaughter and some sleuthing by all the women. New readers can click on Treasure Beach under categories to enjoy it. The final section runs on the last Tuesday of July and all the pdfs for each chapter will be available on that final post.

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