Thursday, August 4, 2011

This or That List with Author Shawn Odyssey!

About the Book: 
Oona Crate was born to be the Wizard's apprentice, but she has another destiny in mind.

Despite possessing the rare gift of Natural Magic, Oona wants to be a detective. Eager for a case, she is determined to prove that logic can be just as powerful as wizardry. But when someone attacks her uncle--the Wizard of Dark Street--Oona is forced to delve even deeper into the world of magic.

Full of odd characters, evil henchmen, and a street where nothing is normal, The Wizard of Dark Street will have you guessing until the very end.
About the Author:
For eight mysterious years Shawn Thomas Odyssey labored extremely long hours in a 140-seat professional theatre in Santa Barbara, California. There he worked as an actor, a musician, a stagehand, a set builder, a scenic painter, casting coordinator, and was the person they sent into the dank, dark underbelly of the theatre to find rusty old props and spider infested wigs.

Upon his perilous escape from this life of daring stagecraft, he began an equally death-defying career as a music composer for film, television, and video games, creating scores for HBO’s Deadwood, and the Activision/Dreamworks video game Kung Fu Panda.

As if these daunting careers were not enough, he sought out even more fearsome territory by writing all kinds of treacherous stories, plays, and books, and acquired a tireless obsession for research into a subject he likes to call “the Dark Street phenomenon.” He is married to a mysterious dancer whom he met while working at the haunted theatre, and along with a passion for collecting magic wands, he enjoys playing unusually dangerous music in a band whose name to this day remains a tightly held secret.

This or That List!

Physical or Electronic Books? Physical. Give me paper…Give me glue…Give me ink…And I’ll show you…Double, double toil and trouble… Fire burn, and cauldron bubble…(Oh, sorry about that. Don’t know what came over me)…ahem. Physical.

Salt or Pepper? I’m going to go with salt, and here’s why. While pepper can add a certain amount of “pep” to just about any savory dish, I like the overall philosophy of salt. While it’s true that salt can make things taste overly salty, if used correctly it will simply bring out the natural flavor of whatever you are cooking with: the food’s inner soul if you will. (Have I been watching a little too much Food Network? Maybe so, but I still say salt).

Beach or Lake? Beach. I lived by the ocean for most of my adult life, until I moved to the Sierra Foothills. Now I’m strictly a river man, and I need my fix daily!

Ketchup or Mustard? Mustard. And lots of it! Have you ever tried it on toast with almond butter? Huh? What? Yeah, you heard me right. Why not get your adventure on and give it a try? You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Hero or Heroine? At the moment I’ll go with Heroine. And after reading The Wizard of Dark Street, I’m hoping you’ll feel the same. (Insert book plug here: available in bookstores everywhere, etc…)

Cats or Dogs? My wife is insanely allergic to cats (which is too bad because I do love them so), so I’ll go with dogs. You can’t take a cat down to the river for a swim. Or, well, maybe you could, but I don’t think they would like you as much afterward. RRRAAOOOWWW!

Fruits or Vegetables? Personally I’d rather be a little crazy than catatonic…but if it’s food where talking about, then…hm…I’d still go with fruit. It’s summer time after all, and there’s very little that can compare with a summer peach.

Lemonade or Ice Tea? Ice tea. A little ice, a little tea. What’s not to love?

Wendy's or Burger King? What, no Del Taco?

Pizza or Spaghetti? Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! My mom made spaghetti so much when I was growing up I think I’ve had enough for four lifetimes. So once again: Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Romance or Urban Fantasy? Urban Fantasy. Give me some serious street magic any day.

TV Shows or Movies? TV shows. I’ve been saying this for years. It didn’t use to be like this, but I believe that lately TV has surpassed movies on many levels, not the least of which is the ability to create deep, complex characters that change over an extended period of time. With the advent of the DVD box set and Netflix, instead of spending just two hours with a few characters that we’re just beginning to get to know, we’re in for dozens of hours, and in the case of certain long lived masterpieces, such as one of my personal favorites (can you say Buffy?) were in for hundreds, and that make-a-me-do the happy dance!

The Wizard of Dark Street is available in bookstores nationwide and online in both hardback and eBook formats.  Please visit:


  1. Thanks for having me on the blog. It was loads of fun. I'm currently out on tour for The Wizard Of Dark Street, and having a blast. Today's stop, Costa Messa, CA! :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Shawn!! I loved reading your interview answers:)



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