Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amazon GC Giveaway & Guest Post with Scott Nicholson!

October Girls Becoming Ladies
By Scott Nicholson

Rex Robot Reviews is sponsoring my paranormal fantasy October Girls during my Be Nicholson’s Agent month, part of my insidious plot to give you lots of money!

Wait. That makes everyone suspicious. I am surprised how hard I have to work to give away money…but follow my blog this month for lots of chances to win gift cards, ebooks, and other prizes.

But for now, I’d like to talk about what is next for October Girls. In the first book, teen witch Crystal and her dead best friend Bone must conjure trailer-trash magic to save the world from the unborn twin of James Dean.

But since this is a fantasy world, the end is never the end, right? So I have two more books planned for the series, and I’m just waiting to find time to write them. I got a little sidetracked this year writing a couple of paranormal books with the talented J.R. Rain, plus I signed with Amazon to do two thrillers in the Liquid Fear series, which took up my summer. But I already have the covers in place, and so here’s a preview of what’s next for the teen troublemakers. In Dead & Unfriended, Bone is the star this time around, and she messes around with magic potions until she casts a love spell on Crystal’s boyfriend. The spell works a little too well. And Crystal suspects Pettigrew has been under a love spell all along anyway, and she decides this is a good chance to find out her boyfriend’s true feelings—if he has them. But someone—or something—has followed Bone back from the other side of the grave, and it’s never too late for the end of the world, right?

In the third book, Lost & Lurken, the mysterious tentacle creatures from Darkmeet show their true faces—and, boy, are they ugly. It’s a full-scale apocalypse as the forces of evil invade the little Appalachian town of Parson’s Ford. And Bone and Crystal aren’t speaking, although they each hold parts of an ancient chant that could repel the dark forces. But Bone is not sure which side she’s on anymore. After all, what have the living done for her lately?

Okay, I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer, so the books may vary quite a bit from the original ideas. But that’s okay. I change my mind a lot. After all, I originally published the first book under the pen name L.C. Glazebrook, until I realized it was hard enough to build up one author name, much less two.

Plus I have been so consistently unpredictable that I can’t really be plugged into a single genre anymore, unless there’s one called “weird.”

October Girls. Good for every season!

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Scott Nicholson is giving away 15 percent of his ebook revenues in September! Details are at or in his newsletter. Nicholson is author of The Skull Ring, Speed Dating with the Dead, Drummer Boy, and nine other novels, seven story collections, and six screenplays.


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