Sunday, September 18, 2011

In My Mailbox - Post 1

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme created by The Story Siren. It is a weekly post that allows you to feature the books you've received in the mail the previous week on your blog. 

I've had my blog for a couple years now and haven't yet participated in this - I thought this was as good a week as any to start. SO, with that being said, here are some of the fun books I received in the mail this week! :)

Check out the books by clicking on the cover images- and I highly recommend you check out these books!

-For Review-

-Received in Trade-

-Birthday Books-


  1. Juliet Immortal looks amazing! I'll be reading Derlerium this week (FINALLY) its been on my TBR for months now. Hope you enjoy all the awesome books :)

    Happy reading!

  2. I thought Juliet Immortal looked pretty good too. Love a great twist on the classics... AND thanks for dropping by and checking out the post! :)

  3. Oh, finally she decides to do IMM. Hahaha. LOL

    I would be drooling all over your Shatter Me ARC if I didn't already have one. hehe. =DDDDDDD

  4. That's an amazing mailbox! :) Looking forward to your reviews of Lockdown and Shatter Me!

  5. Ooooo new blog design (sorry if it's actually old and I'm just noticing!).

    I want Winging It. Not a YA fan but I enjoyed the first book and want to see what Zoe's up to now :-)

    Paranormal Haven

  6. Welcome to IMM! I have Shatter Me and can't wait to read it! Delirium is awesome and I'm dying for the Sookie Stackhouse companion. Awesome week!

  7. great looking books, i have a book by phillipa gregory but i have yet to read it, hope you like the book''

  8. So, so jealous of Shatter Me. It sounds so good!

    Here's my IMM:

  9. Looks like you had a nice Mailbox this week. I hope that you enjoy your books. Check out what I gotIn My Mailbox this week.

  10. Thanks for dropping by and checking out the books, guys!! :)



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