Friday, September 2, 2011

September Random Acts of Kindness!

It is time to sign up for September R.A.K.! I looove doing this. R.A.K. is hosted by the brilliant chicks over at Book Soulmates. R.A.K. is short for Random Acts of Kindness. What does this entail? Well, you pick someone's wish list, and send them a book from it. Totally random. So awesome- surprises in the mail! You can send them a book you have, a new book, an e-book, an ARC... That is up to you and their wish list.

OH! And did I mention my birthday is on Wednesday, September 7th? Next week? Well, it is.... ;)


-Show off your participation by grabbing the RAK button!
-Create a wishlist and post it in the sign up document. 
-If you choose to do a R.A.K for someone, check out their wishlist and contact that blogger for their address. 
-Once you receive an R.A.K. tweet/contact @BookBrunette so she can update the google doc! 
-At the end of the month, show everyone your R.A.K.!  
-This is open to everyone! Let us not forget our international bloggers- The Book Depository has free shipping :)

For more info on RAK visit Book Soulmates.
And you can check out my wish list HERE. :)


  1. what the hell?! It's so damn funny when you go on a friends blog and it's a new design and you kinda like fall outta you're chair b/c you're surprised and shocked. like it blows you away LOL

    Love it =DDDD



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