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Giveaway & Interview with Linda Poitevin!

Sins of the Angels
By Linda Poitevin
Series: Grigori Legacy, #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release: September 27, 2011
Publisher: Ace
Buy the Book: Amazon

About the Book:
When homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis is assigned a new partner in Aramael, a Guardian Angel who doubles as a hit man, they have only one thing in common: a fallen angel hell-bent on triggering the apocalypse. Now they have no choice but to work together-relentlessly, fearlessly, intimately. Because only they can stop the rogue angel from ushering in the end of days.
Interview with Linda Poitevin!

Hi, Linda- Thanks for stopping by! We're excited to have you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself- like have you always wanted to be a writer? 
Hi, Julia, and thank you so much for having me. I am utterly thrilled to be here! And yes, I think you could say that I've always wanted to be a writer, although when I was growing up I never considered writing to be anything more than a hobby. I wrote stories all through school and whenever life allowed it after that. I didn't consider pursuing publication, however, until my husband read a story I'd left lying around and began hounding me about the idea. He likes to take credit for where I am now, and he honestly deserves it for all the support he's given me.

I really like the cover for SINS OF THE ANGELS! Did you have any influence in the design? 
Thank you! I love the cover, and think Mike Heath did a fabulous job of it. He did the cover for SINS OF THE SON, too, and it's just as gorgeous. :) I did have quite a bit of input into the design, actually. Because of Alex's occupation as a homicide detective, for instance, I was really set on having a fully clothed and professional-looking heroine. I also suggested the alley setting. My editor and publisher were great about working with my suggestions.

How much research was involved for SINS OF THE ANGELS? 
More than I'd intended, lol. This entire series was supposed to be a single paranormal romance when I started out, but when I began reading up on angel mythology it was like all these idea-sparks went off in my head and pretty soon I had an entire urban fantasy series beginning to gel. Which meant, of course, more research. I went through just about every angel book the library had, and almost every website I could find on the topic.

Can you describe your heroine, Alexandra, in 140 characters? 
Twitter style? Sure. Here goes: Street-smart. Professional. A lot of deeply buried personal baggage. Fiercely protective of family. Vulnerable but not willing to admit so. (139 characters including spaces...ta da!) :)

What is the most challenging aspect of the writing process for you? 
My kingdom for a tower like Rapunzel's! Lol. Seriously, my biggest challenge is finding a space to which to write...or rather, keeping such a space. I have shifted my desk into nearly every room of my house at one time or another. When one of my daughters moved out, I actually had my own office for a while...and then she moved back and now I'm in a corner of the dining room. It's temporary, though, because eventually all three girls will move out and I'll have my choice of office space, right? Right??? ;) 

If SINS OF THE ANGELS had a soundtrack, what bands would be included? 
I can just read from my playlist to answer this one! Apocalyptica would be at the top of the list, followed by Metallica, Muse, Incubus, The Tea Party, Aerosmith, Alice in Chains, Linkin Park, Our Lady Peace, R.E.M., Seether, Three Days Grace, and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Can you tell us three fun facts about Aramael that no one knows? 
Actually, no, because I think Aramael may well be the least fun guy I've ever met. His entire purpose as a Power, his entire reason for existence, is to hunt Fallen Angels and condemn them to a fate far worse than death. While Heaven may have its share of lightness and fun, the Aramael and the other Powers of the Sixth Choir aren't party to it.

Are you excited about any other new releases or works in progress?  
I am thrilled to have SINS OF THE SON following so close behind SINS OF THE ANGELS. It was originally slated for April or May, but the publisher moved the release date back to March 27, which feels like it's just around the corner. In the meantime, I'm working on the third book in the series, SINS OF THE RIGHTEOUS, and crossing my fingers for a contract. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Any parting words for our readers? 
Thank you for having me, Julia! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'd like to thank your readers for stopping by, too, and, if I may, ask them a question. Now that you've brought up the topic of the cover for SINS OF THE ANGELS, I'm curious to know what readers think about it. What appeals about it? What draws you in and makes you want to find out what the back cover says? Do you like Alex's professional appearance? 
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Two lucky winners will win a copy of SINS OF THE ANGELS by Linda Poitevin! Winners may choose either an e-book or paperback copy.

*Though only US/Canada addresses are eligible for a paperback copy of the prize.

Mandatory Entry:
Please answer Linda's questions below:
What appeals about the cover of SINS OF THE ANGELS? What draws you in and makes you want to find out what the back cover says? Do you like Alex's professional appearance? 

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  1. I think it is a great cover. I really like the mix of action and fantasy. Alexandra sounds like a character I would like to meet. :) Thank you for the chance!

    Twitter follower - @LiederMadchen!/LiederMadchen/status/124031395835289600


  2. "Sins of the Angels" has a great cover! I like that its a night scene. And there there is the way Alex is looking over her should like she is wary of something. The angle of the picture down the street definitely brings a sharper focus on the cover. And the real eye catching detail is the dark angel coming up behind her. I dont know about anyone else but I feel like I want to cup my hands around my mouth and yell "Look out!". Congrats on this cover on this awesome book!

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  3. +1 Following on Twitter: LadyVampire2u
    +1 Tweet:!/LadyVampire2u/status/124063192992329728

    LadyVamppire2u AT gmail DOT com

  4. I do like Alex's professional appearance. Thanks for the giveaway!

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  5. I like that it shows the whole person. I don't like the covers that have just a body shot. I think it gives you a good sense of what the character looks like. I would pick up that book and read the back, for the description.

  6. To me it looks like a paranormal mystery, the dark angel in the back gorund the gun in her hand. It draws me in and makes me curious. Is she going to shot the angel? Are they working together?
    Theresa N

  7. The girl in the foreground looks like Olivia Dunham from Fringe, which definitely turns my head since I enjoy that show. Add in the angel in the background, the creepy blue lightning and the very urban setting, and I want to know more!

    Working for the Mandroid
    workingforthemandroid at gmail dot com

  8. Great Cover! I have to say i like the fantasy aspect of it! It definatly have an eye for fantasy things :)
    Thanks for the giveaway! cant wait to check this out!

  9. I also shared on twitter :)!/harley_chick883/status/124115942539145216

  10. I love the cover, but I can already tell I will enjoy reading about the main character.
    twitter follower Icecream1891

    Thank you!

  11. I like the cover because at first glance, it looks like a regular crime novel, with the Suit and the squad car.

    But then, I take a REAL look instead of just a glance, and see the dark angel in the background, with the lightning and the purple glow...and I HAVE to know what is going on here, haha!

    It's refreshing to see a female lead in a UF novel be portrayed on the cover wearing something other than what looks like leather or something a person would wear to the club. :P!/jaimelire/status/124122644424568833

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  12. Thank you all so much for the feedback! I'm glad that my fully clad heroine meets with approval -- and better yet, inspires the desire to get to know her. I was pretty nervous about bucking the UF trend, but really couldn't picture my tough homicide detective baring her belly... ;)

  13. What appeals about the cover is everything that is going on and the colors of the cover, as well as the winged creature in the background. The heroine on the cover looks like she means business and I want to find out more about her. I do like her professional appearance. How many homicide detectives are dressed in skimpy black leather? This fits the story much better.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  14. The cover looks great, I'm always looking for new authors and series!

  15. Nothing good ever happens in a dark alley. The setting and the winged figure in the back ground definitely draw my attention!

  16. I know I mentioned this on another blog (and I see another commenter thought the same thing), but I love the cover because it reminds me of Fringe. And I seriously heart Fringe.


  17. Oh, I also follow Linda on twitter @bcardoo79


  18. The cover for the book is great. I like the placement of the character, and I do like that she's dressed professional instead of skimpy. What really draws the reader deeper in, at least for me, is the angel flying in the background surrounded by lightening.

    jlynettes @ hotmail . com

  19. The cover is very eye catching I love the angel and she looks like she means business. It's amazing to me that she's fully clothed most covers these days everything seems to be hanging out.

    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  20. I like that, the scene looks very realistic except for that one angel and lightning bolt .

    katie_tp AT yahoo DOT com

  21. I like that, the scene looks very realistic except for that one angel and lightning bolt .

    katie_tp AT yahoo DOT com



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