Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cover Reveal: Dark Storm by Sarah Singleton!

Dark Storm by Sarah Singleton
Genre: Paranormal Young Adult
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release: March 2012

Book Summary: 
Ellie is staying with her maternal grandparents for the summer, while her recently bereaved dad takes off on holiday with his new girlfriend. Upset by his apparent callousness, missing her mother, and jealous for her dad's attention, she begins to spiral into depression. Her grandparents suggest she joins a local theatre group, to meet people her own age and get away from the dark thoughts that threaten to engulf her. But then she gets roped into a seance at the theatre, and is the only one who actually sees a real ghost. Now a spirit is contacting her from beyond the grave - and as the dead boy's story unfolds, Ellie finds herself falling in love with him. But if she solves his mystery and helps release his soul, will he be lost to her forever?
Cover Thoughts: 
I love this cover. Plain and simple. I love the cliff, I love the color, the title's font and the confidence the girl looks to be exuding in her stance. I don't know if she is confident, especially because of the creepy face in the sky, haha, but I love it! 

I'm a little intrigued by the plot summary.... I thought Anna Dressed in Blood was great, so I hope this ends up to be another super fun ghost story. :)

What's everyone else think?

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