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Author Interview: James R Tuck!!

About Blood and Bullets:
He lives to kill monsters. He keeps his city safe. And his silver hollow-points and back-from-the-dead abilities help him take out any kind of supernatural threat. But now an immortal evil has this bad-ass bounty hunter dead in its sights…

Ever since a monster murdered his family, Deacon Chalk hunts any creature that preys on the innocent. So when a pretty vampire girl “hires” him to eliminate a fellow slayer, Deacon goes to warn him—and barely escapes a vampire ambush. Now he’s got a way-inexperienced newbie hunter to protect and everything from bloodsuckers to cursed immortals on his trail. There’s also a malevolent force controlling the living and the undead, hellbent on turning Deacon’s greatest loss into the one weapon that could destroy him.

Interview with James R. Tuck:

Hi, James! Welcome to Rex Robot Reviews- We are glad to have you here. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind BLOOD AND BULLETS? 
Hello! It's great to be here. Well, BLOOD AND BULLETS is the result of a perfect storm of things I have grown up reading and loving. Robert E. Howard's Conan stories, Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan books, millions of pages of comic books, plus all the interest I have always had in monsters and weirdness. They all roll and wrestle and come out the other side as a dark urban fantasy. Plus, as a reader, I had grown tired of reading books that were supposed to be dark and weren't. Books that for some reason always pulled back from the edge, where the monsters weren't monstrous, and the action was really dull. I wanted a book like the one I wrote. One that takes no prisoners and all bets are off. Things that lurk in the night and make a hero strap up with enough firepower to take out a small army should be dangerous and in BLOOD AND BULLETS they are. 

Does Blood and Bullets have a soundtrack? If so, could you give us five songs off the soundtrack? 
Oh yes there is a soundtrack to BLOOD AND BULLETS. The character of Deacon Chalk loves the blues and they flow in and out of the book, setting the stage for a dark and deadly night. The blues are the music of nighttime, of danger, of black magick and bad mojo. Some of the songs you will find in BLOOD AND BULLETS are: Serves Me Right To Suffer: by John Lee Hooker. John Lee Hooker is such a master bluesman. This song is quiet and ominous. It is a great song to open with. Nobody's Fault But Mine: by Blind Willie Johnson but sung by Glenn Kaiser and Darrel Mansfield. The original of this song is good, but it has terrible production. Led Zepplin did an amazing cover that rocked it out too. Kaiser and Mansfield put it somewhere between the two, giving it a nice kick in the ass but keeping it closer to the traditional Delta blues. Evidence: by Susan Tedeschi Ah Susan Tedeschi. The voice of a whiskey soaked angel. If Diana Ross is a torch singer then Susan Tedeschi is a flamethrower. Whipping Post: by The Allman Brothers Oh Lord, this song is the perfect distillation of Duane Allman's blues-centric slide guitar and his brother Greg's southern rock voice. Hellhounds On My Trail: by Robert Johnson The ultimate blues legend. His mournful voice wails out "blues falling down like hail And the day keeps on remindin' me, there's a hellhound on my trail..." 'Nuff said. 

What was the most challenging part of the writing process? 
I love being a writer. I really do. The hardest thing for me has been after the book is written to find the time to keep writing whil organizing all the promo that goes into having a new book. I love all that too, but the struggle to find enough time is the hardest thing. 

What is your favorite scene from Blood and Bullets? 
This is the hardest question you have asked me! If I had to pick I would say the scene where we meet Charlotte. I think I did a very good job on that one. The biggest feedback though comes fromt he scene in the dungeon, which readers one and all said was exceptionally scary, and the scene in the alley, which is the first chance we have to really see Deacon in full ass-kicking mode. 

If you could choose one character from any other story, which would you choose to hunt down monsters alongside Deacon Chalk? 
Oh wow. There are a ton. Okay, give me Anita Blake. I think Anita would be surprised at the fact that Deacon would not treat her like a girl. He would let her stand side by side with him and kill monsters and I think at the end she would be like: "The next time someone accuses me of being too violent I am going to send them your way." 

Can you describe Deacon Chalk in 140 characters? 
Big damn hero. He will save you from the monsters. That's 50 characters. Do I get a bonus? 

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Three fun facts about James Tuck?  
1) I have been a professional tattoo artist for the last 16 years. 2) I think The Princess Bride is the best movie ever made. 3) I am now obsessed with making iced coffee at home. 

Thanks for stopping by! Are there any releases or works in progress that you're excited (and can tell us) about? 
Well, look for THAT THING AT THE ZOO which is a FREE e-novella prequel to BLOOD AND BULLETS that will be out January 27, 2012. It is set approximately six months before BLOOD AND BULLETS and contains all kinds of Deacon Chalk goodness. It will be available everywhere e-books are sold. This summer look for the short film of my zombie story HE STOPPED LOVING HER TODAY. The deal is in the works. Also, if you wanted to read the short story it is still available at One Buck Horror in their collection titled ONE BUCK ZOMBIES available everywhere e-books are sold for only .99 cents! Other than that go like my Facebook page and check my website as there is a LOT of stuff on the horizon that I can't talk about yet! 

Thank you for the great time answering your questions! Take care Loyals and True Believers!

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  1. Wow - I learn something every day. I've always been a huge Led Zeppelin fan, grew up listening to them, and I never knew that Nobody's Fault but Mine was a cover rendition. I like that song a lot.

    Your book sounds interesting, although Anita Blake doesn't really do a lot of fighting anymore....

    I hope there's an excerpt available somewhere, so I get a preview...(going to go look for one)

    Congratulations and good luck on sales!

  2. Great interview and cool book too. And I loved the question and response to "Describe Deacon Chalk in 140..." Classic!

    And the prequel's available now too? I'll start tweeting.

  3. Hey! It was great being here. There are sample chapters on Amazon, google, and B&N. There is an e-novella prequel available called THAT THING AT THE ZOO that is less than a dollar everywhere fine ebooks are sold, and there are links to 2 short Christmas stories featuring Deacon on my website!

    Hope you all enjoy the book and THANKS for having me!



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