Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BEA 2012: Register for Free!

June 4th - 7th
I think (hope) that the blogosphere is about to BLOW UP with BEA 2012 posts. They're my favorite posts, ever. I can't even tell you how many I read last year. I may be a little early, but I'm already posting again. As you know, I've already registered for BEA 2012. I've been waiting for this moment since BEA 2011 concluded. (Sigh.) 

Last year was my first year at BEA so all the blog posts prepared me for the pure awesome of BEA. Anyway, one of the big things that confused me last year was registering. Thankfully I had a blogger buddy walk me through the free registration- I was ready to pay for admission. (Thanks, Brittany!)

So... If you're a book blogger, you can register for free as such. Now this does not actually mean that you will be approved. What happens is that you register, receive a confirmation e-mail, and if they do NOT contact you within two weeks, you were approved. Free pass. Yay! If not, you can register for the BBC (Book Blogger Convention)- which includes access to the exhibit floor- or you can pay for an exhibit pass.

Register as Press/Book Blogger for Free:
- Go HERE to register.
- Fill out all your information, click continue*
- Choose Blogger (Need at least 3 posts/week)
- Your impressions are your blog stats. (Unique visitors per week/month) 
- Fill out the rest of the questionnaire on this page, click continue
- Concurrent Events are NOT free. Only click the boxes if you wish to attend! Hit continue.
- Verification page! Review your information, then hit FINISH at the bottom. If you do not hit finish, it doesn't verify!
- Now it is time to wait a grueling 2 weeks to make sure you're approved. They will e-mail you if you aren't... Good luck!
*Side Note: When choosing a "Title" for yourself, if you're a blogger, I highly suggest calling yourself  Blogger instead of Book Reviewer (or Editor or something else you may come up with.) I luckily chose to call myself a Blogger last year, but I know some didn't and I heard lots of angry/smart remarks about that. Besides, be proud to blog!! It is awesome. :)

For more information about BookExpo America and other ways to register, visit


  1. Thank you so much for this info!! That is so awesome. I am hoping to go this year. Did you do any of the extra events??

    1. Ooohhh. Would you happen to be in need of a roommate then?

  2. Amber, that would be great! Audrey from is staying in my second room and that needs more peoples, ladies :)

  3. Oh wow, this was way useful. Thanks for posting it! Now I just need to get approved...

    I know there's the BBC (btw, I'm assuming one needs to pay for that?) but the book bloggers need to get together informally and possibly get drunk or something. Such is my opinion.

    1. Yes, we have to pay for the BBC. And there are lots of parties and get togethers outside of the BEA stuff! I just made a group on goodreads you should join! Closer to the date we'll post more events and stuff that is happening. :)

  4. So excited! Just registered today and now need to make it through the next two weeks to see if I was approved or not. Fingers crossed!

    1. I am SO EXCITED too, Alexia!! I am sweatin' these two weeks. haha

  5. I'm just gonna be living vicariously through you and all your BEA posts here and on Goodreads. I want to go to BEA in the WORST way, but can't until it's a little more financially sound for me to be there. *sobs*




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