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Deadgirl by B.C. Johnson [Review]

4 out of 5 Robots!

Deadgirl By B.C. Johnson
Genre: Paranormal Young Adult
Release: April 12, 2012
Hardcover: 368 Pages
Publisher: Cool Well Publishing
My Copy: Publisher
Reviewer: Shannon
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Book Summary:

You know how it is: go on a date, get killed, wake up the next morning. No? Just me?

Fifteen-year-old Lucy Day falls between the gears in the machinery of the afterlife. She is murdered while on her first date, but awakens a day later, completely solid and completely whole. She has no hunger for brains, blood, or haunting, so she crosses “zombie,” “vampire,” and “ghost” off her list of re-life possibilities. But figuring out what she is becomes the least of her worries when Abraham, Lucy’s personal Grim Reaper, begins dogging her, dead-set on righting the error that dropped her back into the spongy flesh of a living girl.

Lucy must put her mangled life back together, escape re-death, and learn to control her burgeoning psychic powers while staying one step ahead of Abraham. But when she learns the devastating price of coming back from the dead, Lucy is forced to make the hardest decision of her re-life—a decision that could save her loved ones...or kill them

Shannon's Thoughts:
Deadgirl by BC Johnson is a super fun read!  The main character, Lucy, is supposed to die when she is attacked by a group of wannabe gang bangers.  But somehow she doesn't and has to figure out what exactly happened to her.  All the while keeping the illusion she IS alive and fooling her parents, teachers, friends, and crush.  Things, of course, get complicated quickly.  And the stakes become very high.

I thought the author did a great job creating a realistic and easy to relate to heroine in Lucy Day.  She has a great presence and some spunk.  She seems more mature than the average 15 year old, but I welcome her wit and insights. 

I also thought the premise is interesting and didn't fall into a predictability trap.  There are definitely some fresh ideas here, which is a relief in the overly saturated paranormal young adult world.  I also liked that the book left room for a sequel, but didn't end in a cliffhanger.  It could be a stand alone.  Also a welcome change.

For anyone looking for a fun, fast read, I recommend this book!

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  1. according to the summary which you have given I think it will be intresting.thanks for sharing it.!!



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