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Giveaway & Author Interview! Tigris Eden - Enslaved in Shadows

Enslaved in Shadows by Tigris Eden
Series: Shadow Unit, #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release: June 16, 2012
Buy the Book: Amazon

Book Summary:
Agent Stone of the Shadow Unit's job is simple, most days. Work in the Shadows, police his own Kind. When an unwanted assignment turns out to be his darkest fantasy from the past, Draven can't help but be conflicted by the memories of the past and his responsibilities in the future. But his decision has been made.

Jes can't let the tall dark agent back into her life.
How can she trust any man after what she's endured. Years of abuse have broken her down and she doesn't have room for more. The man she turns to for help hasn't abused her physically but he's tormented her emotionally. A past betrayal left her scarred, but also brought her life. Can she accept him into her heart and trust him again?

One will survive and adapt, the other will realize hearts can be mended even if it’s a bit too late.

Author Interview: Tigris Eden!

Can you please tell our readers a little bit about your book Enslaved in Shadows? 
It's about a werewolf and a human having one really hot one night stand and then crossing paths five years later.  

Enslaved in Shadows looks very sexy, can you tell us a little bit about the main man, Draven, in the book and what makes him swoon worthy? 
Draven can at times come off as harsh or uncaring, but really he's reasonable. He makes decision based on what he feels is right and for the greater good. Not to mention he has impeccable and incredibly sexy bed side manor lol and he's a wolf what more can a gal say? 

Have you used any famous people for inspiration in regards to your characters? 
Yes, but only because I couldn't find them in real life, so I got the closet thing. They are actually all posted under my facebook fan page in an album complete with dossiers. 

What do you think is an integral part to a good romance? 
Communication and a lot of steamy Smex it also helps if he's got a great sense of humor and can make you laugh 

What do YOU thinks makes a man sexy as hell? 
Sense of humor at least 6'4 ooh and tats dark hair nice eyes and strong hands. I have a thing for men's hands and their backs lol 

Where do you get your inspiration for your characters? 
 Depends. A lot of Royce is a reflection of LL's sense of humor and Draven is the equivalent to LL's alpha streak. Depends on the day and of course, from people watching, I love watching people! And sometimes my brain just thinks up weird scenarios lol 

What are some of your favorite authors? 
Larissa Ione, Lara Adrian, Shayla Black, Lora Leigh, I have a ton way too many lol 

What would you like your readers to understand about your novels? Is there something that you would like to them to feel, or experience with your book? 
Something different and unique and to understand sometimes you got to get in to the creepy and unknown to get the gist of the story. Some things are just how they should be. Oh and my PNR tilts a little to the extreme, lol I joked with Bells { @bellie7 } the other day and told her its PHR para horror romance but that's just me being silly lol. But, there are some key scenes that are dark I would say extreme but not horrific, but then I'm a total blood and guts kind of gal 

Part of your proceeds, from the sale of Enslaved in Shadows are going to support the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, can you tell us about this charity and why you decided to donate part of your sales? 
NCADV is a charity that I picked because of what it stands for and because it seeks to educate about DV. Domestic Violence is a very real and dangerous reality. There are women and men, as well as children who are targeted everyday. It's something that hits home for me, no pun intended there swear! I personally know what it's like and I wish I would have known about something like this when I was younger. And of course Jes the heroine from the book is trying to deal with the after effects of abuse. So that's my main reason, not just because of my characters situation but because it was real for me at one time. 

Find Tigris's book on! 
50% of all proceeds go to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence!

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  1. This sounds like a good read. Thanks for the chance to win! emily joy drake at gmail dot com

  2. Congratulations Tigris! I wish you great success with the debut of ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS :). What a wonderful thing to do with the proceeds.

  3. Congrats on the new release. This book sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it.


  4. Great questions my Doode! Tigris my Doode I think it's great that part of your proceeds are going to a charity. Such a wonderful thing to do. :D

  5. thanks for a fun interview and giveaway! I so love the cover of this book :)

    Congrats on the release!


  6. Sounds like a good read! Thanks for the interview and giveaway! It's also great that 50 percent of the proceeds go the to NCADV!! That is a wonderful thing to to :)


  7. Enslaved In Shadows sounds like a great read. Congrats Tigris on it's release. I think it's great that you are donating 50 percent of the proceeds from this book to stopping domestic violence. I'm enjoying following along the tour so far. Thanks for a chance to read.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  8. Thanks for the interview and give-a-way. The books looks great.

  9. Thanks for all the awesome comments you guys rock!

  10. Great post! This book sounds so good! Ive heard about it and i cant wait to get my hands on a copy. Definitely looking forward to reading it! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

  11. I love this book cover. Book also sounds good to read.




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