Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Made it to NYC! BEA!!

The Javitz!!
The Cassandra Clare steps!
Tiny recap of my first day of my second year at BEA in New York. Disclosure- I'm not giving any tips or really talking about BEA here. I'm just having fun rambling about my day ;)

Our trip to NYC has already been super eventful. There was an accident, so we were stuck in traffic. Then one of our passengers got sick, so we had to stop....  Then we were stuck behind lots of horses and buggies. We finally get to the train station with 20 minutes to get in and get our tickets, but there is NO parking. Sigh. We literally made the train with two minutes to spare. Whew, we made it though :) Despite all that silly stuff, we had a damn good time and were laughing the whole time. Thankfully none of us take ourselves (or life) too seriously.

After finally getting on the train, it was incredibly relaxing. The train always is (for me.) Three hours later, we're here! Yay! I love this city. 

We tried getting our BEA passes today (because I thought the website said registration was open until 5:00PM) buuuuut they told us no. That's okay though, we got to see the super pretty Cassandra Clare steps. I hope to get a better (more centered) picture tomorrow. Does anyone know if there is a Cassandra Clare book at BEA this year? My partner in crime, Brittany, is crossing her fingers.

Pika at Nintendo World!
The rest of the day consisted of eating (yum!) and visiting fun places in NYC. Like Nintendo World, Rockefeller Plaza, Lego World, NBA Store, a couple libraries and some other places that for whatever reason I'm too exhausted to remember. The best part? Getting to visit with Pikachu! Pika! 

We're ignoring our BEA schedules, by the way, until after registering tomorrow. And now we're going to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones (yes!!!) root for the Celtics and then maybe hit the sack and brace ourselves for the crazy of NYC tomorrow. 

Had a wonderful day. Hope everyone else visiting NYC for BEA 2012 is having a good time too! And if you're not here yet- have a safe trip! 

One last picture for good measure- Me and the man today! 


  1. I love that you took your man! I think about bringing mine but I'm afraid he'd get bored and want to do stuff. He doesn't realize it's a full time job going to BEA! Any pointers?

    1. I like to bring him everywhere I go ;) He totally would be bored, but his cousin (who is also one of our close friends) also comes, so while I'm at BEA they go skateboarding and seeing fun things like everywhere the ghostbuster movies filmed. LOL



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