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Guest Post: Controversial Books by Kenya Wright

Quick Author Bio:
Dark fantasy bestselling author Kenya Wright currently resides in Miami with her three overactive kids, supportive husband, and three black cats that refuse to stop sleeping on her head at night.
Check out Kenya's books- Fire Baptized and The Burning Bush.  

Kenya's Controversial Books List

 I love a book with drama hitting me before I even open the pages. You know those certain books where your neighbors, friends, twitter buddies, and everyone else are chatting the book up. Some scream, “What the F###!” Others argue, “Oh you just have to open your mind! It’s the best thing after the Bible.” Well here’s my top five controversial book lists.

Black face? Really?  
Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt - Before the book was released, the author provided a book trailer of a Caucasian woman’s face smothered in black makeup. To say it sparked a heated debate is an understatement. Here’s the Book Trailer: 
I shouldn’t say this but my favorite part of the trailer is when she says, “I’ve got to save myself and my dog Austin too!” It just comes out of nowhere. Regardless, I tried the first five chapters of the book and was bored. For me, all the hoopla didn’t move the plot enough.

Woop Woop! For Teen Pregnancy!  
Bumped by Megan McCafferty- A virus spreads, making everyone over the age eighteen infertile. Adults must pay teen girls to have their children. The novel follows sixteen year old twin sisters and that is where all the fun begins. According to the book summary, “Girls sport fake baby bumps and the school cafeteria stocks folic-acid- infused food.” There is not much of a middle ground with reviewers on this book. It seems a reader will either be outraged and disgusted OR lovingly blown away. Personally, I’ve struggled to continue to read the book. My favorite authors released their books when I bought this and I had to put it down for a few weeks. I blame Ilona Andrews!

Fifty Shades of OMG-I’m-tired-of-seeing-and-hearing-about-this-book!
One morning I’m eating soy milk and cereal as I watch the Good Morning Show. Bang! Dr. Drew pops on and discusses Fifty Shades of Grey. I pay it no mind and jump on the Miami metro. Pow! I pass women attempting to hide the cover with their hands as they read it. I note the weirdness and continue with my day. Boom! My co-worker during lunch asks me if I read the novel. Ka-boom! My mother and two best friends bring up the book on the phone. Sundays later, my pastor preaches about the world is drowning in lust as he holds a printed copy (true story). People facebook and tweet the book cover. Websites report on the movie adaption or what library has banned it. There is now a magazine (yes I said it) a Fifty Shades of Grey magazine for the fans of the book. And through all this chatter people say crazy things like: “Girl, what did you think of the bloody tampon scene?” “I couldn’t believe she did that with his toothbrush!” So . . . I was forced to read the book and (dare I say) enjoyed it a little.

Fake Erotic eBook Anyone?
The Diamond Club by a bunch of internet people? A book to swindle erotic romance readers and make fun of Fifty Shades of Grey’s sucess. The creators of the project say it best: So need I say that the book is horrifically bad? It really is all sex with no clear plotline or cohesion. Even worse, I know many who don’t know the background behind this book and love it!

Dysfunctional Relationships are Hot!
A Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire -Many readers debated about how this book sends out the wrong message to young girls. Some believe the hero has serious anger issues and is manic-depressive. Others argue that his fighting and control over the heroine was provocative and no big deal. Personally, I found the book disturbing. It reminded me of a really abusive relationship I was in long ago. I really wanted the book to arrive at a moment where the hero and heroine seek help. For me, it didn’t happen. While the book was a page turner, I only recommended it to mentally stable adult women. lol.

All in all, controversial books are great reads to tackle. Many are just pumped up due to outrageous plotlines or marketing campaigns. While others push the imagination beyond the limits. What I’ve learned is that regardless of controversy a book isn’t good unless it has a great story and outstanding execution.

What’s your favorite controversial book? 

Thanks for having me!


  1. I had a lot of fun with this post! Thanks so much for having me!!

  2. Great post, Kenya! I always wonder if the writer knows they are tackling some heavy issues or if they have no idea what the hell they're getting into when they come up with the idea.

    Can't wait to see how infamous your newest book will become. ;)



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