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Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussman [Review]

Tigers in Red Weather: A Novel4.5 out of 5 Robots!

Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann
Genre: Adult Fiction
Release: July 17, 2012
Hardcover: 353 Pages
Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company
My Copy: Purchased
Reviewer: Shannon
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Book Summary:
Nick and her cousin, Helena, have grown up sharing sultry summer heat, sunbleached boat docks, and midnight gin parties on Martha's Vineyard in a glorious old family estate known as Tiger House. In the days following the end of the Second World War, the world seems to offer itself up, and the two women are on the cusp of their 'real lives': Helena is off to Hollywood and a new marriage, while Nick is heading for a reunion with her own young husband, Hughes, about to return from the war.

Soon the gilt begins to crack. Helena's husband is not the man he seemed to be, and Hughes has returned from the war distant, his inner light curtained over. On the brink of the 1960s, back at Tiger House, Nick and Helena--with their children, Daisy and Ed--try to recapture that sense of possibility. But when Daisy and Ed discover the victim of a brutal murder, the intrusion of violence causes everything to unravel. The members of the family spin out of their prescribed orbits, secrets come to light, and nothing about their lives will ever be the same.

Brilliantly told from five points of view, with a magical elegance and suspenseful dark longing, Tigers in Red Weather is an unforgettable debut novel from a writer of extraordinary insight and accomplishment.
(Courtesy of the Publisher)
Shannon's Thoughts:
I went into this book thinking it was about a multi-generational family in the 1950s.  I was expecting some family drama, some misunderstandings, etc.  But there is a whole element to this book that is not really discussed in the publisher’s blurb.  There is still plenty of family drama and misunderstandings, but there is a sense of something sinister hiding in the background too.  It gave an intriguing twist to the story.  I also liked learning about each character as the narration moved between family members.  Each section gives greater and greater insight into the family.  I especially liked how the story ended with creepy Ed.  It is hard to pin down exactly what this book is - mystery? family drama?  Whatever you take away from this book, it was never boring.  And the books ends on a delicious creepy, unsettling note.   If you like Gone Girl, you will probably also enjoy Tigers in Red Weather.

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  1. I really enjoyed this story. I went into it with the same thought as you, that it was different generations. So I really loved what this story ended up being. The different perspectives was an interesting way to write this story and show readers a lot of things.



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