Friday, February 22, 2013

AMAZING March Releases!

New Book Releases

Get ready, everyone. Start saving your money now, you're going to need to increase that book budget for March. Weeee, look at these new books that are only a short time away from releasing!! I have already preordered half of these. Have you? :)

Click on the Cover Image for more information!

Young Adult
Urban Fantasy

Paranormal Romance

This isn't a complete listing of all book releases in March. 
Just the ones I'm most excited about!


  1. I love posts like these because there are always so many books coming out I forget about. Like Let the Sky Fall? Totally forgot how much I want that book. Like, NOW.

  2. All I'm seeing are categories. Which browser do you normally use? I'm in firefox and I have nothing showing. *frowns*

    1. I'm using Firefox too and I can see them. Are you using Ad Block Plus or something? Disable that for my page and they may work.

  3. Wait, Lover At Last is a March book?!? How did I not realise that?
    And I'm definitely saving my pennies, the one I want most isn't on your list - Midnight Blue-Light Special, by Seanan McGuire - I want that book now, darn it! Haha.

    @ The Book Bundle

    1. I read the first couple books in that series by Seanan... I'm not sure why I never continued. I think I just forgot about it. I'm going to have to go look up the other books and get them. That's October Daye right?

    2. She wrote that series, but Midnight is actually the sequel to Discount Armageddon, which is a separate series. More like paranormal romance.



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