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May Reading Challenge Wrap-Up!

One of my goals this year was to join in on some reading challenges.  It was hard to narrow down which ones I wanted to participate in!  Below are the challenges I ended up with.  I will be updating this page as I work through my goals.

See individual Challenges for updates!

2013 Goodreads Challenge: 150 books 
I read twice as many books this month as last month with 27 books!  I was on fire!

Standalone Reading Challenge
The goal is to read 15 MG/YA standalone novels published in 2013.

2013 Standalone Reading Challenge

Unfortunately, I only read one more this month.  I have been so focused on working through my TBR piles that I haven't sought out a lot of Standalones.  I'm not sure I will hit my goal.

1. Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys
2. Paper Valentine by Brenna Yonavoff
3. Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson
4. This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

Dusty Bookshelf
The Dusty Bookshelf 2013 Reading Challenge

Cobweb (10-15) from this list:
I got 4 in this month.  My best month yet!

Days of Magic, Nights of War by Clive Barker (8 years)
Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Banks (7 years)
Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson (6 years)
The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey (6 years)
Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant (6 years)
The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan (4 years)
Nevermore by Neil Gaiman (3 years)
Switched by Amanda Hocking (2 years) Review HERE
Major. Pettigrew Last Stand by Helen Simonson (2 years)
In the Garden of Beast by Erik Larsen (1.5 years)
Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley (1.5 years)
A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron (1 year)
Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia (1 year)
Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (1 year)
Past Perfect by Leila Sales (1 year)
The Mermaid's Mirror by L. K. Madigan (1 year)
Goddess Test by Aimee Carter (1 year)
Scarlet by AC Gaughen (1 year)
New Girl by Paige Harbison (1 year)
Hereafter by Tara Hudson (1 year)
Entwined by Heather Dixon (1 year)
Destines by Jessie Harrell (1 year)
Brightest Kind of Darkness by PT Michelle (1 year) Review HERE
Chosen by Sarah Swan (1 year)
Lament by Maggie Stiefvater (1 year) Review HERE
Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey (10 months) Review HERE
Slide by Jill Hathaway (10 months) Review HERE
Dark Divine by Bree Despain (10 months)
Lost Saint by Bree Despain (10 months)
Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey (9 months)
Wither by Lauren DeStefano (7 months)
Fever by Lauren DeStefano (7 months)
Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien (7 months) Review Coming
Intangible by J. Meyers (6 months)
Grasping at Eternity by Karen Hooper (6 months)

2013 Paranormal Reading Challenge

Here is the feature creature schedule.  You can read in any order, but you get bonus points for reading the paranormal being in it's featured month.  I'll add the books I read under the category along with the month I read it.
Again, I managed not to read any books with this month's creature feature.  But I did get to add some books to previously unread categories.  Overall, I read 9 new paranormal books.

  • January - Vampires
  • February - Angels/Nephilim
    • 2/7/13 - Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
    • 2/13/13 - Hallowed by Cynthia Hand
    • 2/27/13 - Boundless by Cynthia Hand
    • 3/13/13 - Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans
  • March - Fey
    • 5/27/13 - Lament by Maggie Stiefvater
  • April - Demons
  • May - Aliens
  • June - Zombies
  • July - Witches and Wizards
  • August - Mermaids
  • September - Dragons
  • October - Ghosts
  • November - Werewolves/Shape-shifters
  • December - Other 
    • 1/12/13 - The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting (Psychics)
    • 2/7/13 - Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey (Psychics)
    • 2/8/13 - Glass Heart by Amy Garvey (Psychics)
    • 2/11/13 - The Diviners by Libba Bray (Psychics and other special powers)
    • 2/25/13 - Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting (Psychics)
    • 4/27/13 - Brightest Kind of Darkness by PT Michelle (Psychics)
    • 4/29/13 - Hourglass by Myra McEntire (Time-Traveling, Psychics)
    • 5/13/13 - Slide by Jill Hathaway (Psychics, Ability to Inhabit Another's Body)
    • 5/15/13 - Switched by Amanda Hocking (Trolls)
    • 5/16/13 - Torn by Amanda Hocking (Trolls)
    • 5/18/13 - Ascend by Amanda Hocking (Trolls)
    • 5/23/13 - Impostor by Jill Hathaway (Psychics, Ability to Inhabit Another's Body)

2013 Dystopian Reading Challenge
The goal is to read 24 post-apocalyptic dystopian YA novel.  I will list my books here as I read them.

I read 4 dystopians this month!

1. Once by Anna Carey
2. The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
3.  Reached by Ally Condie
4. Prodigy by Marie Lu
5. Requiem by Lauren Oliver
6. The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa
7. Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi
8. All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin
9. Because it is My Blood by Gabrielle Zevin
10. The Breeders by Katie French
11. Pure by Julianna Baggott
12. Crewel by Gennifer Albin
13. The Selection by Kiera Cass
14. The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse

2013 YA/MG Fantasy Reading Challenge
The goal is to read 10 YA/MG Fantasy novels.  I will post them here as I read them.

May was a very heavy Fantasy month with a whopping 8 books!

1. Crown of Embers by Rae Carson
2. Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta
3. Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
4. Hallowed by Cythnia Hand
5. Boundless by Cynthia Hand
6. Goddess Test by Aimee Carter
7. Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
8. City of a Thousand Dolls by Miriam Forster
9.  The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen
10. Everbound by Brodi Ashton
11. Asunder by Jodi Meadows
12. Island of Silence by Lisa McMann
13. Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
14. Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep
15. Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier
16. Dark Triumph by R.L. LaFevers
17. The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke
18. A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz
19. Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
20. Descendant by Nichole Giles

2013 End of Series Reading Challenge
The goal is read at least 7 books that are published in 2013 that will be the final book in a series.  (The rules have been updated to include any series ending book)

 Books Read:
I finished two series this month. 

1. Eternally Yours (Immortal Beloved #3) by Cate Tiernan
2. Reached (Matched #3) by Ally Condie
3. Requiem (Delirium #3) by Lauren Oliver
4. Boundless (Unearthly #3) by Cynthia Hand
5. Shades of Earth (Across the Universe #3) by Beth Revis
6. Where She Went (If I Stay #2) by Gayle Forman
7. Ascend (Trylle #3) by Amanda Hocking
8. Impostor (Slide #2) by Jill Hathaway

2013 Sequel Reading Challenge

Sequels on my TBR pile (some are scheduled to be released later this year, so I included them as well) Also, this is a mixture of sequel where I have read the first book (*) and series where I own the first book, but haven't read it yet (+)  My goal is to read the backlog of my books AND finish/catch up on any series I start (if the series is worth continuing, that is!).  I HIGHLY doubt I will get through all of these, but it will be fun to see how far I end up!:

I will underline and link the reviews for the books I've read.  I may also update my list as I read sequels, or decide not to finish a series.
I read 7 sequels this month again.  

+Razorland Series by Ann Aguirre: Outpost (#2)
*Everneath Series by Brodi Ashton: APR: Everbound (#2)
*The Grisha Series  by Leigh Bardugo: Storm and Siege (#2)
*Abandon Trilogy by Meg Cabot: Awaken (#3)
*Eve Trilogy by Anna Carey: JAN: Once (#2), Rise (#3)
*The Fire and Thorns series by Rae Carson: JAN: Crown of Embers (#2)
+The Goddess Test series by Amy Carter: FEB: Goddess Interrupted (#2)
*So Close To You series by Rachel Carter: This Strange and Familiar Place (#2)
+Medusa Girls series by Tera Lynn Childs: Sweet Shadows (#2), Sweet Legacy (#3)
*The Matched series by Allie Condie: FEB: Reached (#3)
+The Clann series by Melissa Darnell: Covet (#2), Consumer (#3)
*Maze Runner Series by James Dashner:  JAN: Scorch Trials (#2)
+The Chemical Garden series by Lauren DeStefano: Fever (#2), Sever (#3)
*Body Finder Series by Kimberly Derting: FEB: Desires of the Dead (#2),
+The Dark Divine Series by Bree Despain: Lost Saint (#2), The Savage Grace (#3)
+Mythos Academy series by Jennifer Estep: MAY: Kiss of Frost (#2), Dark Frost (#3), Crimson Frost (#4), Midnight Frost (#5)
If I Stay series by Gayle Forman: APR: Where She Went (#2)
*The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia: Beautiful Darkness (#2), Beautiful Chaos (#3), Beautiful Redemption (#4)
+Cold Kiss series by Amy Garvey: FEB: Glass Heart (#2)
+Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand: FEB: Hallowed (#2), Boundless (#3)
+Slide series by Jill Hathaway: MAY: Impostor (#2)
+Magic Most Foul series by Leanna Hieber: The Twisted Tragedy of Natalie Stewart (#2)
+Trylle series by Amanda Hocking: MAY: Torn (#2), MAY: Ascend (#3)
+The Mara Dyer series by Michelle Hodkins: Evolution of Mara Dyer (#2)
+The Kindrily series by Karen Amanda Hooper: Taking Back Forever (#2)
+Hereafter series by Tara Hudson: Arise (#2), Elegy (#3)
*Shades of London series by Maureen Johnson: APR: The Madness Underneath (#2)
+Awaken series by Katie Kacvinsky: Middle Ground (#2)
*The Blood of Eden series by Julie Kagawa: MARCH: The Eternity Cure (#2)
*The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten series by Julie Kagawa: The Traitor Son (#2)
*His Fair Assassin series by R. L. LaFevers: MAY: Dark Triumph (#2)
Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson: MARCH: Hattie Ever After (#2)
+The Darkness Before Dawn trilogy by JA London: Blood Kissed Sky (#2), After Daybreak (#3)
*Legend series by Marie Lu: FEB: Prodigy (#2)
*Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi: MARCH: Unravel Me (#2)
*The Necromancer series by Lish McBride series: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (#2)
+Hourglass series by Myra McBride: Timepiece (#2)
*The Unwanteds series by Lisa McMann: MAY: Island of Desires (#2)
*New Soul series by Jodi Meadow: APR: Asunder (#2)
The Lunar Chronicle Series by Marissa Meyers: MAY: Scarlet (#2)
*The Fury Trilogy by Elizabeth Miles: Envy (#2)
*The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen: APR: The Runaway King (#2)
+Birthmarked series by Caragh O'Brien: Prized (#2), Promised (#3) DECIDED NOT TO FINISH
+Delirium series by Lauren Oliver: FEB: Requiem (#3)
Across the Universe series by Beth Revis: APR: A Million Suns (#2), APR: Shades of Earth (#3) 
*The Sky Chasers series by Amy Kathleen Ryan: Spark (#2)
*The Cahill Witch Chronicles by Jessica Spotswood: Star Cursed (#2)
+The Forsaken series by Lisa Stasse: The Uprising (#2)
+The Books of Faerie series by Maggie Stiefvater: Ballad (#2), Requiem (#3) DECIDED NOT TO FINISH
*Immortal Beloved series by Cate Tiernan: JAN: Eternally Yours (#3)
+Witch Eyes series by Scott Tracy: Demon Eyes (#2)
*The Crowfield Abbey series by Pat Walsh: FEB: The Crowfield Demon (#2)
+Uglies series by Scott Westerfield: Pretties (#2), Specials (#3), Extras (#4)
*Paranormalcy series by Kiersten White: JAN: Supernaturally (#2), JAN: Endlessly (#3)

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