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Fire with Fire by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian [Review]

Fire with Fire (Burn for Burn, #2)4.5 out of 5 Robots!

Fire with Fire by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian
Series: Burn for Burn #2
Genre: YA Contemporary
Release: August 13, 2013
Hardcover: 528 Pages
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers
My Copy: Purchased
Reviewer: Shannon
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Book Summary:
When sweet revenge turns sour… Book two of a trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian.

Lillia, Kat, and Mary had the perfect plan. Work together in secret to take down the people who wronged them. But things didn’t exactly go the way they’d hoped at the Homecoming Dance.

Not even close.

For now, it looks like they got away with it. All they have to do is move on and pick up the pieces, forget there ever was a pact. But it’s not easy, not when Reeve is still a total jerk and Rennie’s meaner than she ever was before.

And then there’s sweet little Mary…she knows there’s something seriously wrong with her. If she can’t control her anger, she’s sure that someone will get hurt even worse than Reeve was. Mary understands now that it’s not just that Reeve bullied her—it’s that he made her love him.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, burn for a burn. A broken heart for a broken heart. The girls are up to the task. They’ll make Reeve fall in love with Lillia and then they will crush him. It’s the only way he’ll learn.

It seems once a fire is lit, the only thing you can do is let it burn...
(Courtesy of the Publisher)

Shannon's Thoughts:
I started this book at 9pm and read straight through until 1:45am.  I could. not. put. it. down.  I thought the first book, Burn for Burn, was exciting, but this book was on fire (haha, sorry for the pun).  It picks up soon after the events of the first.  Reeve is injured from his fall from the stage at homecoming.  He is out for the season, and possibly has lost his football scholarships.  The girls got their revenge on him, but at a much greater cost then they bargained for.  Now they just hope they can get away with it.  But they get pulled back into their revenge plotting when they realize Reeve may not have atoned for his mistakes after all.  They realize he has feeling for Lillia, so they decide to set up him by making him fall in love with her so she can reject him and break his heart.  Only, things have a way of not going as plan and things start to really spiral out of control.

The paranormal abilities that Mary exhibits in the first book a much larger part of the second.  I guessed what the situation was with Mary long before it is revealed at the end, but I raced through the book wanting to know more and more about it.  Again, the authors have a great way of letting all the characters have moments of compassion and empathy and moments of meanness.  None of the characters are pure, but they aren't all evil either.  As the girls fall further and further into their tangle web of deception, the book kicks up bit by bit until the very end.  At the end, I kind of just sat back, breathless. 

This series is extremely readable and addicting.  I literally could not put it down.  Seriously, was it really 528 pages, because it certainly didn't seem like it!  I just sad I have to wait until 2014 after that ending!!  Wowza.

Other books in this series in the order that they should be read:
1. Burn for Burn
2. Fire with Fire

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