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Seven Tears Into the Sea by Teri Farley [Reviews]

Seven Tears Into the Sea 4 out of 5 Robots!

Seven Tears into the Sea by Teri Farley
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release: April 1, 2005
Hardcover: 279 Pages
Publisher: Turtleback Books
My Copy: Purchased
Reviewer: Shannon
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Book Summary:
Beckon the sea,
I'll come to thee....
Shed seven tears,
perchance seven years....
At the age of ten, Gwen Cooke had a strange encounter with a boy with dark, slightly tilted eyes. He came to her on the beach, whispered strange words in her ear, and then disappeared. Shortly thereafter, her family moved away from their seaside home and Gwen never saw the boy again.
Now seventeen, Gwen is returning to her childhood home. Her nana asked her to come. But Gwen knows it's time to go back for another reason: She yearns for the sea. Perhaps the sea itself is calling to her. Perhaps the memory of the boy and his haunting words are drawing her back to the place they met. Perhaps it's time for her to face her destiny.
(Courtesy of the Publisher)

Shannon's Thoughts:
I've been taking part of the 2013 Paranormal Reading Challenge and have been putting off reading a mermaid book until the very end.  It is probably my least favorite paranormal genre and I had a hard time finding a book I was even interested in.  I ran across this one in a Goodreads list and while it isn't a straight mermaid book, I called it close enough.  It is actually about the Selkie legends.  Selkies are a Celtic myth - seals who come to land and shed their skin to become human.  (Sidenote:  If you love Celtic myths or think this Selkie thing sounds cool, please go watch "The Secret of Roan Inish", one of my favorite movies of all time).

Gwen Cooke moves back to her childhood home on the California coast to help her Grandmother run her bed and breakfast.  Gwen used to live there as a child, but moved away after an incident involving her sleepwalking and a mysterious boy.  But now she is back seven years later and runs into Jesse, who may be the same mysterious boy.

Overall, I thought this was a good novel.  It had a wistful feeling and a bit of timelessness to it.  There were things I wish that were delved into a little more, particularly the selkie legend.  But I liked the characters quite a bit and thought it captured the small community feel.  Gwen and Jessie's relationship is fairly fast paced, but I didn't find it cloying or necessarily unbelievable.  The story takes a while to warm up, but the ending happens at a break neck speed.  I wasn't sure how it was going to end but I ended up appreciating the bittersweet ending.  As much as this is a paranormal book, it is just as much a coming of age story for Gwen.  I wish we had more time to explore that aspect, but I thought the ending did encapsulate it well.

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