Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Things On My Reading Wish List

Top Ten Things on My Reading Wish List
 Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish

I love this topic!  It is so much fun to see what everyone says.  It gives you a good idea of what people are tired of and what they want to see.  It is also a topic that really makes me think.  It is usually easier for me to say what I don't want to see than to come up with new ideas.  But here we go:

1. First and Foremost: No More Slut Shaming!
This needs to stop.  Pronto.  I'm so tired of reading books with girls calling other girl sluts.  First of all, I'm just really tired of the word itself.  But also, I hate how it is used as a general insult.  Like, when a protagonist likes a guy, but he is seen with another girl and the protagonist refers to her as slutty.  What?!  Just because your crush likes a girl DOES NOT make her slutty!  I can't even.  Or when a girl is "boy crazy" and the protagonist makes a big deal about it and basically thinks of her as a slut because she has kissed a few guys.  Sigh. 

2. Honest Conversations about Sex
Guess what guys.  Teenagers have sex.  It happens.  Or they think about it.  Or they are put into situations where they have to deal with it.  I don't want YA to necessarily "go there" all the time, but I don't think it should be afraid to either.  It doesn't need to salacious.  But I would love to see more books willing to tackle the topic with honesty.

3. Witty Characters Who Are Actually Witty.
I think this was on my list last time.  But I do get really tired of of "cutesy" characters or characters who say jerky things when the author means for them to come across as witty.  Being a jerk and being witty are not the same thing.  Same with cutesy.  I hate when a character solely exists to make little punny malapropisms or say random things.  I just don't like it when a character always feels "on".  It exhausts me.

4. Ships
I don't know why, but I love stories that take place on ships.  Pirate ships are especially good.

5. New and Interesting Dystopians
I feel like the end of Dystopian is nigh.  Or at least it will start to take a backseat to other genres.  In fact, I feel like this is already happening.  But because it is such a crowded genre and I read a lot of Dystopian, I am definitely experiencing fatigue.  I find it hard to be wowed by it and a lot of it just starts to feel the same.  I would love to read a dystopian that doesn't remind me of another dystopian and creates a new and interesting world with new and interesting problems. 

6. Good Alien Books
I tend to be turned off by "alien books", but after reading The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey what I really want is more alien books like that one.  I am willing to read any genre if the book is good enough to transcend my reluctance. 

7. Strong Female Leads Who Are Not Afraid to be Feminine
I feel like we get a ton of "strong female leads".  They can keep up with the big boys and don't need be rescued.  That's great.  Let's keep it up.  But I also feel like a lot of these character sacrifice their femininity too.  They dress like boys, they don't understand other girls, their best friend is a guy, so on and so forth.  But why does one trait have to supercede the other?  Why can a girl enjoy wearing makeup or dresses AND kick ass (without being sexualized either - another topic for a different day)? 

8. Love Triangles That Make Sense
I don't hate love triangles.  Sometimes I think they really work.  But other times I feel like they are created just so you can pledge your allegiance to Team Whoever.  I need to believe there is really truly a reason why a girl (or boy) would have a hard time choosing between two love interests.

9. Conflict in Relationships That Doesn't Exist Just to Create Drama.
I feel like the SOP is to make the characters fall in love, then to create some event or obstacle that rocks their relationship.  It's so typical that you can almost set your watch by it.  And again, sometimes the conflict is realistic and inevitable, but other times I feel like authors want to create drama and messing with the characters' relationships is easiest way to do it.  But I need it to make sense.  And PLEASE, can we do away with conflict arising from lack of communication?  Sigh. 

10. Good Best Friends
I love to see best friends who do more than just play a superficial role. 



  1. AHHH This list!! If I had done this week's TTT, this would be my list ABSOLUTELY! #1 and #7 are near and dear to my heart (Also have you read Throne of Glass yet? Because if not, you should read it. It kicks ass at #7), followed closely by #2 and #3.

    I just don't understand (well I do..ish) how in an age group that is dominated by female narrators, with female authors, how we get so many anti-feminist messages into YA books. I know that women are known to be just as bad (if not worse) about putting down our own gender, but THIS is where it starts. This is where you teach kids how to view themselves and their peers. (Outside of parents,etc.) It would be fantastic if we had more books that foster better self esteem and values.

    1. YES!! I was actually thinking of Throne of Glass when I wrote #7. Grave Mercy did a good job of it too I think. I was on a rant about slut-shaming because I recently read a contemporary YA called Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains). You maybe saw my review, but I was so angry at it. I don't tend to be a soapbox reader, but this one really got under my skin. Grr.

  2. 1. *cries* YES. It's such a huge issue right now, both in fiction and in real life. Women can do what they bloody well like with their bodies as long as they're not hurting anybody, I don't see why people have to judge and get nasty over it.

    4. Pirate ships are fantastic.

    I love your entire list, really.

    1. Yes! Exactly! I'm on such a soapbox about it right now. :/

  3. Great list! YES there definitely needs to be more honest conversations or portrayals of sex in young adult books. I also love a good witty character, when it actually works. I am also kind of sick love triangles at the minute, but I think it's because it really does feel like it's been thrown in for the sake of it. If done right, it can actually be really great. Great picks :)

    My TTT :)



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